Windows 11 Insider is now available for Microsoft’s slick, new Photos app

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Screenshot: Microsoft – The basic Photos app has been redesigned by Microsoft, and it has gone from barebones to stunning. Microsoft has released a newly overhauled version of its Photos app to Windows Insiders ahead of Windows 11’s October 5 debut, which looks like a significant leap from the extremely rudimentary picture viewer we have today in Windows 10.

The updated Photographs app, which is available as part of a new update for Windows Insiders running the Windows 11 beta on the Dev Channel, has a completely new UI and layout as well as some new tools to make viewing and editing your photos a lot more fun.

The Windows 11 Photo app’s visual design has been completely revamped, with Microsoft touting new rounded corners and the use of Mica material design language throughout, which allows the app to dynamically change its color palette to better match your PC’s theme (light mode or dark mode) and wallpaper. Microsoft claims that the Windows 11 Photos app now has stronger font to make finding settings and albums easier.

The new Windows 11 Photo app’s UI, with Dark mode on. 
Screenshot: Microsoft

The new Photos app also has a new edge-to-edge interface with a redesigned toolbar up top for all your main picture editing capabilities, as well as a filmstrip down below to make navigating through your photo roll that much easier. When you just want to see your photos without any other distractions, simply click straight on the photo viewer to conceal the Photos app’s toolbar and filmstrip.

Standard editing options such as crop, rotate, and touch-up are included in the redesigned toolbar, as well as a button to see a picture’s metadata and a heart icon to swiftly mark your favorite photos. Microsoft has added a new multi-view mode for individuals who wish to see a lot of photographs at once (maybe to compare different changes of the same photo).

Here’s what the new Photo app’s multi-view mode looks like. 
Screenshot: Microsoft

However, my favorite feature is the new Photo app that allows you to select and transmit a picture to Photoshop Elements, Picsart or other third parties’ Image Editors with a single click, as someone who often uses more capable photo editing tools for work and personal material. Currently, I often utilize the ‘Show with’ command to send an image to Photoshop by right-clicking the picture’s thume. This is not horrible, however, if you do it 30 or 40 times in a row, this becomes somewhat clumpy.

Here’s a sample of the options and settings in the Windows 11 Photos app. 
Screenshot: Microsoft

Windows Insiders should be able to download the newest update from Windows 11 beta today if you want to try out the new Windows 11 Photo App; however you would have to sit tight for another few weeks until the OS will be officially released on the 5th of october if you prefer to wait until the official version of Windows 11 releases.