Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is claimed to display 13-inch 120Hz and Thunderbolt

by - – The Surface Pro 8 is likely to be seen when the company and several other appliances will be unveiled on Wednesday 22 September by Microsoft at its “Surface Event.”

But what we get could be a little different from what rumors and speculation have suggested before. This is because some conflicted interests have been highlighted by a recent leak.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 sports a 13-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate, according to @Shadow Leak on Twitter (previous reports have claimed it will be 12.3-inches).

His information appears to originate from an early listing of retailers.

However, there is a word of care. Windows Central’s Tech journalist Zac Bowden notes that a customized Surface Pro X press rendering image accompanies the list. Some retailers utilize foolish pictures before genuine pictures are provided, however this is a slight red signal.

However, if this is the main information problem, the Surface Pro 8 comes with twin “interfaces” from Thunderbolt and also with a replacement SSD disk.

Oh, and it will preinstall Windows 11 and run on the 11th gene core processor Intel. We can nevertheless accept this as read.