iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max Prices in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Canada, Dubai, and Singapore

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iPhone 13 mini is the most affordable model, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most expensive

techno.rentetan.com – This month, iPhone 13 series was debuted. The line consists of iPhone 13 small, iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. All phones will start today 17 September with sales commencing 24 September, and they will be available for pre-order. In addition to China, Dubai, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the US and more than 30 other states and areas worldwide, pre-orders for the iPhone 13 series will be released later on live next to India. Dual rear cameras come in iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13, whereas iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have triple back cameras.

Here are details on the pricing in many countries, including India, of iPhones 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Max phones.

Price in India of the iPhone 13 series

The new iPhone 13 mini is available for 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storages beginning at Rs. 69,900, Rs. 79,900 and Rs. 99,900. IPhone 13 is priced in India for 128GB, 256GB and 512GB correspondingly, from Rs 79,900, Rs Rs. 89,900 and Rs. 1,09,900.

For the 128GB, 256Gb, 512GB and 1TB storage options, iPhone 13 Pro has a pricing range of Rs. 1, 19,900, Rs. 1,29,900 and Rs. 1,49,900. Finally, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have to pay for the 128 GB of storage options, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1TB of Rs. 1,29,900, Rs. 1,39,900, Rs. 1,59,900, Rs. 1,79,900, and 128 GB.

iPhone 13 is way cheaper in the US than in India.

Prices in the US for iPhone 13 series

Prices in the US are identical to those of the last generation. For the storage variants of 128 GB, 256GB and 512GB, iPhone 13 mini costs $699, $ 799, and $999 accordingly. For the 128GB, 256GB and 512 GB variants of storage, iPhone 13 prices $799, $999 and $1,099.

For the 128GB, 265GB, 355GB and 345GB, the iPhone 13 Pro costs $999, $1.099, $1,299, and $1,499. Similarly, $1,099, $1,199, $1,399 and $1,599 for the same options are available for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Price in the UK for iPhone 13 series

iPhone 13 mini is priced from GBP 679 with base 128GB, GBP 779 with a storage model of 256GB, and GBP 979 with a base of 512GB in the United Kingdom. The base model iPhone 13 is available at prices from GBP 799, GBP 879 is available with the option of 256GB, and GBP 1,079 is available for the storage model 51,2GB.

On the other hand, the cost of the iPhone 13 Pro is GBP949, GBP1049, GBP1049, GBP256, GBP1249 and GBP1,449, GBP12 and 1TB, starting at GBP949. For the 128GB storage option the premium iPhone 13 Pro Max has a price for GBP 1,049, the option 256GB has a price of GBP 1,149, the storage GBP 1,349 and the 1TB storage has a rate of GBP 1,549, respectively.

Prices in Canada for iPhone 13 series

For Canadian customers, CAD 949 for storage is CAD 13 mini for 128 GB, CAD 1,089 for 256 GB, and CAD 1,359 for storage for 512 GB. The price of vanilla iPhone 13 for 128GB of storage at CAD 1,099, for 256GB of CAD 1,239 and for 512GB of storage at CAD 1,509 is calculated.

For the Pro versions, CAD 1,399 for CAD 1,539 for 256 GB storage, CAD 1, 809 for 512 GB storage and CAD 2,079 for 1 TB storage will be available for pre-order. Finally, the pricing for the optional iPhone 13 Pro Max will be 1.549 CAD for storing 128GB, 1.689 for storing 256GB, 1.959 for storing 512GB and 2.229 for storing the 1TB.

Price in China of iPhone 13 Series

The prices in China are CNY 5, 199 for the 128GB of storage, CNY 5,999 for 256GB and CNY 7,599 for the 512GB of storage. In China, the prices are CNY 5,199. The prices for iPhone13 are CNY 5,999 for 128GB, CNY 6,799 for 256GB and CNY 8,397 for the 512GB storage option.

The prices of iPhone 13 Pro are CNY 7.999 for storing 128 GB, CNY 8.799 for storage 256 GB, CNY 10.399 for storage option 512 GB and CNY 11.999 for storage models 1 TB. Finally, iPhone 13 Pro Max has CNY 8 999 for 128 GB, CNY 9 799 for the 256 GB, CNY 11 399 for the 512 GB, and CNY 12 999 for the 1 TB storage.

Dubai prices of iPhone 13 series

Coming to Dubai iPhone 13 mini is available at an AED 2.999 of 128GB, AED 3.419 of 256GB, and AED 4.269 of 512GB. For the 128GB of storage models AED 3,399, AED 3,819 and AED 4,669 is available for the 512GB of storage.

AED 5.469, for the 512GB of storage option and AED 6.319 for the all new 1TB storage model are priced for iPhone 12 Pro, for AED 4.199, for AED 4.619, for 256GB of stored choice. Finally, the prices for iPhone 13 Pro Max are AED 4,699 for 128GB of storage, AED 5,119 for 256GB, AED 5,969 for 512GB of storage and AED 6,819 for the entire new model of 1TB.

Singapore iPhone 13 series price

Prices for iPhone 13 mini start on the Singapore market at SGD 1149 for storage of 128GB, SGD 1,319 for storage of 256GB and SGD 1,549 for storage at 512GB are offered. iPhone 13 is available for 128GB storage from SGD 1.299, for 256GB and for 512GB storage from SGD 1.469.

The pricing of iPhone 13 Pro for the 128GB of storage, SGD 1,819 for the 256GB of storage, the SGD 2,149 for the 512GB of storage and the SGD 2,479 for the 1TB choice of storage. The final fee is SGD 1,799 for storage of 128 GB, SGD 1,969 for storage of 256GB, SGD 2,299 for storage of 512 GB and SGD 2,629 for storage choice of 1TB.