Please help us out what’s the hell of this MAGA-lovers ‘cucks’ device?

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Image: Qux/Gizmodo (Other) – Is it a box to stream? A content-sharing network encrypted end-to-end? Or is it a shop? What? A former InfoWars reporter and right wing filmmaker have joined forces to raise close to 172,000 USD on the Indiegogo crowdfund platform for a device called after cucksmiths.

The device called ‘Qux,’ as flagged by the Daily Beast, is the invention of Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince, a former contributor to Infography. It’s something that seems to be a sort of streaming case at first appearance, but one that liberates their God-fearing purchasers from the everlasting tyranny of the Big Tech liberals. It all gets fluffy beyond that.

Qux is declared a “quix” in the commercial video, but his founders embrace the pronunciation “cucks,” which refers to cuckoo’s sexual perversion, in which somebody watches another person having sex with his partner. That’s conscious. In the 2016 elections, the phrase “cuckervatory” was used to describe other conservatives, who were not seen to be sufficiently harsh on matters like immigration, as insulation among Donald Trump supporters, white nationalists and the extreme right. Oddly, the name seems that those who don’t buy the product were selected. As the Daily Beast recently noted Wince tweeted: “We’ve been called ‘cucks’ because it is also a ‘trollen bait-n-switch’ knowing that you would pronounce ‘Qux.’”

Weaver and Wince have sold Qux in a way that is so imprecise that the cash-flush buyer who has no fucking idea what they are shopping could attract. For example, look out the promotional film for the campaign Indiegogo, which says a lot while you can hardly answer anything about what the product actually does:

An unwitting dramatic soundtrack accompanied by a female voice, reveals that the current web condition is not a “intergalactic computer network we have been promised” but rather a “corrupted unsecured network.” The answer? Qux, supposedly for “Quantum User Experience” in the first of many dubious decisions:

We are depending on the so-called World Wide Web, a damaged unsecured network. This is not our promised cosmic computer network. The internet renders us vulnerable to any kind of digital attack, tracking, hacking. It’s easy to play, abuse, and even abuse. A major problem is indications of censorship, cancelation and deplatforming.

We are locked in the technical cul-de-sacs of big technology that predominate over our interests. Their technology consists of conditioning and dependence, control and dominance. It must not be this way, however. The Quantum User Experience is our solution. Q-U-X, or Qux, is your new digital world portal.

All right, so what is it to do? Everything and nothing according to the promotional video: users have “unlimited access to whatever content they like,” and are able to publish and distribute content of every kind. The closest thing to this is that Qux is a “interface,” where ‘anyone can publish and manage their own digital creations’ and somehow generate money through affiliate ads:

You can get unlimited access to whatever content you desire when you join Qux. You can stream live, upload and listen to podcasts using your own videos, audio, music, image. Qux can even use apps and games for Android. You wish to have the online experience. Create collections or share your family, community, or the world with new stuff. Content may be simply drawn from other websites and platforms to Qux or uploaded to Qux straight away. It is an interface where everyone may publish their own digital experience and everyone can govern it. Qux is not an editor.

Your viral works can be monetized. The author of content for Qux pays doubles what competing platforms with affiliate codes and other revenue techniques give. Otherwise just relax and enjoy Qux.

Moreover, just two other films are available from Qux’s YouTube profile. One is 14 seconds of the logo of the corporation hovering over the ground. Another is a 23-second teaser that teases a “test programme,” a doorway that transfers to a panorama for science fiction. DeviantArt seems to be lifting the cyberpunk art in question.

The Indiegogo page really provides a little more insight on the expectations, although not much, of Qux users. There is a “Portal” mechanism that is roughly the same as a YouTube channel, Flickr page or Spotify playlist combo. Qux gives users access to content that is submitted to the portals of other users:

You can switch on your TV and watch it from there once you have created original content portals or fair-use portals!

Everyone on the Qux® network can see all that you share publicly. The test pilots are given first indications of the use of content in the Qux® network.

This can help to understand what you could do with Qux—bury yourself in a huge bunch of D-list content that is submitted by Random MAGA enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. But wait! But wait! The Qux “Network” is encrypted somehow end-to-end, making it impregnable for Big Tech and allows users to both access ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative’ information, according to Indiegogo:

The Qux® end-to-end encrypted network will be reviewed by the test pilots first, they will watch, control and share content whether on the mainstream or alternative media.

Promotional images supplied to the Indiegogo page depict signature portals such as CNN, Fox Nation, Saturday Night Live, and Bravo TV, prior to the odd mocking of the so-called ‘Motorcycle’ Gold Prospecting Channel, like PewDiePie and Stanford University. No such company has presumably accepted to be on Qux yet it is on YouTube.

Graphic: Qux / Indiegogo (Fair Use)

All of this poses awkward issues. Is there pirated contents in the “Qux end-to-end encrypted network?” Does Qux host material, or is it something peer-to-peer? Does the gateway system somehow connect to YouTube directly or does Qux simply use the logos of other firms to illustrate something to be seen?

The promise that Qux can run Android apps doesn’t even take into account. Android is probably necessary to accomplish anything but ogle on other Eagle’s Nest videos or rants of Crooked Hillary’s vacation. But it denies entirely the alleged breaking-off of Big Tech Giants’ ‘corrupted unsafe network.’

Otherwise, those paying “First-Look Trailblazer” status on the Indiegogo page are promised “a prototype experimental Qux® gadget (excluding the test program)” and early access to a Qux network, including a “opening one of the first stores.” Right, so it’s now now a store aside from being a streaming box, a social network and a range of encoded end-to-end gateways.

This is not even true how the Indiegogo level includes a “name… list in the credit settings of the Qux® operating system” option for a donor to include a 1,000-dollar option to “memorize your name or the name of a loved one as a contributor to the future of a free and safe web.” This option has been decided unbelievably by 19 people.

Lastly, the website is not much clearer — most of the links are to the Indiegogo page — but is jargon-length, such as “Competive Fixed Publishing Pricing,” “Access to a QUX Centralized Electro Store,” and a “part of a centralized online/brick&morphic business business enterprise,” which means “Equality between users, designers and advisors” Also, “The ‘buy’ Button on advertisements will be activated by remote control, because why not. Why not.

Again, for some reasons, we feel the need to remind you of this entire process and the fact that Indiegogo does not offer any promises that the suppliers would always take a hand on an actual product.

Most renowned for arresting Weaver and Wince and saying that they were attacked by the “deep state” of anti-Donald Trump, the claimed snatching of a mother’s telephone was finally disclosed.

Wince has a website called Existics where he explains mathematics and physics theories that may be dubbed an alternative euphemistically. For example, in the physical community, the Wince three-dynamic time theory does not seem to be recognized, but on reddit it has been called “TimeCube-grade crack-based” and “weapon-grade, highly enriched crack-based crack-based.”

It’s awesome. It is governing. One wonders whether Qux might possibly have developed a sort of nebulous living word cloud consisting of copy-packed marketing babble and MAGA bingo cards with Weaver and Wince merely receptacles to express their awareness from. Maybe Qux is the fetal blob, the machine brain that will eat everything, which becomes the singularity. Or perhaps it’s Christ himself who brings his Word skillfully back into our homes, beneath a black box that’s pricey.

From press time on, it was unclear if you could buy a Qux for Trump enthusiasts using MAGAcoin, the cryptocurrency.

We contacted Wince to check if he could clarify all of this for us but his response started, sadly, with the assertion that Qux is like “Sign, for entertainment and with a private marketplace.”

ET: 1:08 p.m. Update: We missed the explicit quantum nature of Qux too. We lament the failure. We mourn the lack.