Office 2021 launches Oct. 5 Subscription-less version

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Microsoft is rolling out Office 2021 and Windows 11 on the same day.
Image: Sajjad Hussain (Getty Images) – You will finally be able to use Office 2021 on Oct. 5 if you do not have a Microsoft 365 membership.

The Microsoft Office new version for Windows and MacOS will be released Oct. 5—on Windows 11, the same day.

Although some people might have migrated into the Microsoft 365 cloud, where the Office programs are automatically updated to the latest functionality, when you have an active subscription, others of us don’t want to subscribe for Word or Excel. That’s why the permanent Office license version is released by Microsoft.

Office 2021 is a 2019 upgrade, and even though Microsoft hasn’t officially disclosed new features, the corporation has been showing what we can expect in its Office version for commercial and government clients, which has been launched today. These functions include dark mode support, additional Excel functionalities and formulas, improved cell search and PowerPoint slideshow recording. The multi-App support for OpenDocument version 1.3 is also added. Outlook will be better at looking for more than 70 languages and stronger in-app translation capabilities.

Microsoft has indicated it’ll maintain Office 2021, which is a little short of support from past Office Suites for seven years. This is a perpetual edition, therefore feature updates like Microsoft 365 will not be consistent. The release is designed for users requiring a one-time buying option.

In addition, Office 2021 will not offer real-time cooperation, or Word, Excel, and PowerPoint automation powered by AI. You want a Microsoft 365 subscription to utilize new Cloud services, including a variety of new remote cooperation tools.

But as reported back in February the once purchase price for personal and small business users will remain the same. Microsoft’s price has not been published. And although Microsoft wants users to utilize Microsoft 365 it undoubtedly is less expensive than subscription to an Office 2021 license.

Office 2021 is available for purchase on Oct. 5.