How to maintain the key of your car

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Photo: Halfpoint (Shutterstock) – Your car is a key fob, but there is an easy solution to avoid theft or possible break-ins.

Recently somebody broke into my car two consecutive nights. It was a slip on my end the first time I thought I forgot to lock it once I arrived home. So the next night I wanted to lock and alarm, yet still someone could break in.

Fortunately, nothing was stolen because the automobile wasn’t too much, but it was still troubling, of course. Neither windows were broken, thus how could anybody unlock the automobile without the keys? Since the automobile is new, it’s improbable that anybody has got a matching key (we’ve only have it since April).

A brief look at the neighborhood groups Facebook and Nextdoor feeds showed that I’m not alone: similar breaks are taking place throughout the area, and many claim that the culprit hacks key fobs. So I’ve checked and found out quickly that key fob hacking is completely something. There are several approaches, but “signal boosting” is the most prevalent.

What does boosting signal mean?

In this connection, the “boost” signifies stealing a signal, unlike signal boosting essential information on social media. Hackers can use an appliance that convinces your vehicle and your key to think that they are near each other and then send out the fob unlock signal without touching any fob or car buttons.

Signal boost generally is used for unlocking a car but automobiles with keyless ignitions can also be exploited using identical tactics. There are additional remote key fob hacks, including rolljamming, which record and spur the unlock signal of your fob, however they are far more difficult to pull off. But there is roughly $20 of equipment that someone has to increase the signal.

How to prevent thefts from signaling to enhance your car fob

So how can you prevent an attack from boosting the signal? You can neither enable two-factor subscriptions, nor put anti-malware on your key pushbutton. In fact, the remedy is simple: block your important traffic lights.

There are many ways to do this, but the most dependable one for a Faraday bag. These bags establish a barrier that prohibits signals coming in or out of the bag, exactly as the bags are called after the “Faraday cages.”

Faraday bags, boxes and wallets can be purchased online cheaply. Just put your keys (or any wireless gadgets you want to sequester) into your bag, particularly at night, when you are home.

If you don’t have a Faraday bag, it would be wiser to put your keys in a thick metal item — a refrigerator or a safety one, for example — than to keep your key in the open, but we can’t assure that a hacker’s signal boosts as efficiently as a Faraday bag. Keep your keys at least while you’re home, on the other side of your house. The more your keys are away and the more walls and other impediments there are, the harder signals may be reached.

Put a Faraday bag together with other anti-theft devices such as a steering wheel claw and safety cameras and there is considerably less risk of someone breaking in and maybe stealing a car. Oh, and don’t just hold your car’s spare keys, fobs, garage door or any other goods. In this method they will not find anything to rob if someone is still in there (after all the windows are breakable).