Razer Made Gamers Thumb Condoms

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Image: Razer

techno.rentetan.com – The game accessory manufacturer made fingertip sleeves, not the entire hand. I’m not even a top- 10 sweating thumb game but those concerned about thumb perspiration that will damage your KDA in the city of Fortnite or Call of Duty: Mobile (????), then Razer has covered you.

But look at the above photographs and let’s name these things, they’re actually, thumb condoms, Razer calls them Gaming Finger Slees.

“With high-sensitively silver fiber weaved for greater purposive purpose and control,” Razer says their 10$ mobile game thumb condoms, consisting of a mixture of nylon, spandex, and silver fibre,” while “our ventilated sleeves keep your fingertips fatally cool during the warm battle.” Whose fingers sweat abundantly throughout Fortnite, I’m not sure, but, all right!

Critically speaking, Razer’s game condoms have a conductive silver fibre, which is unlike the type of latex finger bed you might find at a doctor’s department and used by other health professionals, to ensure your phone can still see your thumb while “lowering friction” and delivering “the utmost precision.” It should also be noted that although Razer says his gaming condoms are “most mobile gaming devices,” the sleeves might not operate on your phone or possibly not be as beneficial in earlier games handholds as a 3DS, based on a resistive touch panel rather than more contemporary touch screen.

Image: Razer

The game sleeves of RAZER are only 0,8mm thick, yet for everyone used to gaming au naturel, a little learning curve is practically definite. But Razer maintains that his thumb preservatives are one-size-fit, well, we’re just going to leave that.

Razers mobile sleeves are designed to help keep your thumbs and fingers moist and to make sure that people around you are not a casual player. And while silver fibers may not help playing games with a controller or keyboard, there is nothing to stop you playing consoles or PC games with them.

You just get two sleeves in every 10$ box, so if you feel the need to shield more numbers from the hazards of wetness while playing, you may need to buy a few other pairs. Unfortunately, you might have to go elsewhere for folks who are concerned about sweaty hands which can impact your grasp. Hey, perhaps Razer will test the water in future before playing full-scale gloves.