Kicks Off Microsoft’s vision of a future free of password

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Say “goodbye” to your password, and hello to the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device. 
Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo – You can now connect without a password to your Microsoft account. Each time you need to access an account, entering a password may get loud and complicated over time, especially if you have been working for two years from home in the same sweatpants and have had the same morning to night routine. Is life not sufficient to drag on? I just digress. I digress.

Microsoft envisages a world free of passwords, which is attractive to me. The firm now allows you without entering a pasword to access your Microsoft account, however the Microsoft Authenticator application or Windows Hello fingerprint are needed or face-to-face. You can also utilize an external security key or authenticate two-factor by SMS or email.

Earlier this year, Microsoft began to move to password free authentication so that business users could join up without passwords. Now all users are here.

Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft’s head of security, compliance and identity, told The Verge that “we were working on this at Microsoft and about 100% of Microsoft is now passwordless.

The fact is, every time you want to get something, nobody likes taping in their letters and figures passphrases. And although you may use a lot of password management tools such as Microsoft’s Edge browser, you can always rely on a third-party service.

With more applications and services depending on multi-factor security, the idea of password is getting outdated. Technically Microsoft relies on this too, passing ID to services like Windows Hello, which requires biometric input.

Running your Microsoft account might be removed from the password for logging. First, the Microsoft Authenticator software must be downloaded from iOS or Android and your account configured in the app. Then go to the browser’s dashboard for Microsoft account and try to log in. To approve authentication, you are invited to examine your mobile device. In my case, I was requested to scan my fingerprint before I could log in.

Your passwordless future is nary but a step away ion the Microsoft account dashboard. 
Screenshot: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Once you’re on the Microsoft home website, browse the Security tab. Then scroll down to the Advanced Security area, scroll down to the next page and pick the Passwordless option. Select the option to enable it, which will be taken care of by the Authenticator app on the phone. You just need your smartphone to approve your connection from here on. You can return to the same security settings panel, and add the password back if you wish to disable this option at any moment.