How to share anything on your iPhone screen with Siri in iOS 15

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Photo: Khamosh Pathak – All you need to rapidly share anything on your screen is a simple voice command. Siri has expanded by spring with the iOS 15 upgrade. It is fast. It is fast. Like, fast-level Google Assistant. It now features on-device processing for general questions and individual requests, and not only that, but also Siri.

However, the new sharing option is very cool. This function allows you to email anyone over iMessage with anything you are looking at on your screen – an article, music, photos, whatever.

How to share the information on your Siri display

Tell your spouse that you would want to share the recipe you read. Or a friend’s tweet. This is incredibly easy to share with Siri: Open your shared material and raise Siri (this can be done with the Side button or the voice phrase “Hey Siri”). Say, “Share this with (the name of the individual).”

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

A preview of what to send will be shown by Siri. You will get a link preview, if you are talking about an item, song, podcast or any material that you share via a link. Siri will ask you if it’s OK to share a display shot. If your glance at it is simply text, or if you’re in an app that does not enable this kind of link sharing. When the preview is satisfactory, confirm with Siri, which is sent over the iMessage to the media.

This functionality works with Apple Music, Maps, Maps, Safari Tabs and any third-party applications that have activated the capability.

Siri’s offline even faster

Siri works faster and better for basic questions on the smartphone, if the Offline Siri option has been activated. Not all iPhones and iPads that can run either iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 can receive Siri offline capabilities. Therefore, you’ll need an A12 Bionic chip device or higher.

Processing on a device also works only in specific languages. It is currently accessible in Chinese, Cantonese, French, German, English, Spanish and Japanese.