How to finally arrange your iPhone random notes

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Photo: Khamosh Pathak – Tagging is a characteristic that can differentiate a fundamental note application from a powerful. And when it’s a matter of note-taking applications, you used to choose an option for other parties to use this handy feature – but no longer.

Apple has added a tagging function to Apple Notes in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey (incidentally already our recommendation for the best notes app on the iPhone). Finally, a simple Hashtag may be applied to each note and all the notes that match the Hashtag can be found by tap.

This modification is more than welcome, as someone with Apple Notes for all his entry. Tagging can help you arrange notes in a manner that a typical folder system just can’t do – but it’s also possible to create intelligent folders that display notes under many tags using the Notes application. Here’s the beginning.

How to get Apple Notes marked

All you need to tag a note is to add one word, preceded by a hashtag (#), (you can’t use a sentence, or at least not without deleting spaces). And everywhere you may do this: In the heading or in the text.

Let’s imagine you wish to mark a #todo task list. Type “#todo” in the note wherever. A new hashtag has just been established. For all your important notes, you can repeat this. Yellow shows an active hashtag.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

How may tagged notes in Apple notes be found

The section of the tagged notes is bizarre. When you launch the Notes app, click “Dropdown” at the top-left of the screen to go to “Dropdown” screen. Here the “Tags” section is to scroll to the bottom of the page.

The “All Tags” option is available to display all tagged notes. To view all related notes, select a certain tag. You will see a carousel at the top, showcasing all your tags, when you pick a tag. Here you can select several tags.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

In your search, you may also search for marked notes through a hashtag (this is a much faster way to find the notes you want).

How do tagged notes organize in an Apple Notes smart folder

Let’s imagine you’re looking for an easy way to retrieve all your work notes. Try to organize them in an intelligent, tagging system-based folder.

The benefit of an intelligent folder is that it is automatically updated. When you set a folder to include notes from certain tags (you can select as many as you want), you will constantly update the folder with freshly tagged notes.

Open the note app on your iPhone or iPad in the first corner and tap on the “Folders” button. Tap on the button New Folder in the left-hand corner and pick the option “New Smart Folder.”

Enter a name for your folder, choose the tags to contain and touch “Done.”

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

All connected notes can now be viewed in a single view. Tap a top three-point menu, and select “Edit Smart Folders” option if you want to update the tags of your intelligent folder.

How to remove Apple Notes tags and smart folders

There is no clear method Apple Notes to delete tags because they are automatically populated. You need to erase all notes related with it or manually delete the tag from all notes if you do not want a tag to be viewed any more.

It is considerably easier to remove a smart folder: Select the “Delete Folder” option to confirm the smart folder in the “Folders” display, swip to the left of it, tap the Delete icon. It will not erase notes within it; only group them in the folder.