How to fix the bug from Apple Music Sharing to Instagram

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Photo: Cristian Dina (Shutterstock) – The Apple Music bug may be painful, but you can share it with Instagram easily.

You may want to share your tastes with your pals when placing those songs in the Instagram stories if you listen to a lot of music. Unfortunately, this approach may recently look closed because of a problem — the Instagram option does not appear when you go for a song from Apple Music. Luckily, you can bring it back using a workaround.

Usually you tap the ellipse next to the name of the song when you’re sharing a music from Instagram with Apple Music. Tap “Share Song” and then select the Instagram icon that appeared in the Share Sheet. However, in this menu some individuals don’t see the Instagram icon; without this option no obvious way to start a tool for story sharing is provided.

Go around and share the Apple Music bug with Instagram

Although it is not obvious whether a remedy is in place at this time, a clear answer exists. You always follow the same first steps: Tap the ellipse and tap on ‘Share Song.’ Scroll the entire right on the Apps list after the Share Sheet displays, and select “More.” Instagram should display as an option here. Tap it, you’re going to find your common tools to share your tale with the song.

When this bug has appeared, or why it’s here initially, it’s not clear. There are reports that consumers experienced this bug on both iOS 15 beta program as well as iOS 14 official versions. It does not appear to be restricted to just one version of iOS. Whatever happens, many different iPhones are affected and may also have an association with Instagram.

If the issue is patched by a future Instagram or iOS update, we will add the information to this article.