How to convert your iPhone to a free high-resolution Webcam

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Photo: Nopparat Khokthong (Shutterstock) – Your iPhone can function as a high-quality webcam for your Mac or Windows computer.

Apple makes a terrific iPhone camera, but it’s a different story for its Macs. Sure, the M1 Macs are becoming better, but a great many Macs with sub-par web cams are out there. You might not even have a viable Webcam option if you utilize an external display for your MacBook. But you do—with your iPhone, as it turns out.

Do not bother with Mac’s external webcam, or even your PC; you already have an iPhone, as long as you have an iPhone. Sadly, connecting and contacting an iPhone a day isn’t as easy, but it’s not hard to install either. You only need an app that supports you.

EpocCam is our choice; it’s a lot for this app but it’s free best of all. There are features locked behind the pay edition of the app, such as full 1080p video, but there’s probably enough regular video stream with the free version for your calls.

How to configure EpocCam as a webcam of your computer

A welcome page tells you that you need to install a driver on your Mac or PC when the software is opened first. You can use AirDrop, email, or copy the driver download link if you are using a Mac. You can only email yourself the link if you are using a PC.

EpocCam works on Mac, whether it’s by USB or via wireless Internet. This is an excellent way to prevent any additional cords that clutter your desk. However, on Windows, for EpocCam to operate, you’ll have to connect your iPhone to your PC.

When the driver is on your computer, open it and follow the guidelines for the installation. Give your iPhone EpocCam permission to utilize the camera and network of your device, and a video feeder should be viewed above a message “CONNECT TO YOUR COMPUTER” If everything is successfully setup, the entire control Epoc Cam will be displayed on the iPhone and the computer connected to the same wireless network.

All you need to do is to start your preferred video app on your Mac or PC and set your camera source to EpocCam. For example, click on the 3 points and select “Gerätesettings,” when using Messenger, for your video calls. Click on the Camera menu, then select EpocCam.

Features Extra EpocCam

You should see the video feed on your iPhone in your Video Call application once you have done that. The EpocCam app can also provide you with a few options: tap the triangles to swipe video feeds, tap the camera icon for your other iPhone or tap the big key in the center to select between a blurry backdrop or a green screen effect.

This is everything about the free app there is to say. However, you have access to the following with the $7.99 purchased app:

  • Remove watermark, remove watermark.
  • Complete Video 1080p.
  • Support for wide angle camera.
  • Replace your background. replace your background.
  • Please select your wireless, USB, or NDI connection.
  • Only mode with microphone.
  • Take advantage of your lamp.
  • Streaming HDR video.
  • Focus manual.

The one that could influence you most is the watermark among all the options held back from a free edition. It is not enormous and sits at the bottom of your video feed, yet it could seem to be overly irritating. However, it is worthwhile for a lot of people to have a free webcam solution.