Recycling your old phone

by - – So, would you like your old phone to get rid of? What are you doing? What do you do? Throw it not into the trash first. It might be old for you, but somebody else could use it. And you shouldn’t ditch it if it’s broken, as this is terrible for the environment.

In some regions restrictions have been passed in order to attempt and curb electronic waste. But it’s not always easy to see how and where your devices can be removed, in order to benefit you but also not to bring more basket to the earth. Thankfully, several web businesses can allow you to find out how to get rid of your phone responsibly.

Why should your phone be recycled?

E-waste, commonly referred to as e-waste, poses a huge hazard to human health and the environment. For example, some components contain harmful compounds in telephones. And they can seep these harmful compounds to soil and groundwater if they are not properly disposed of. This may fortunately be avoided, as telephones can be reused, restored or recycled with eco-friendliness. Having said that, according to the United Nations, only around 20% of all electronic waste is recycled worldwide.

What to do before your phone is recycled

Make sure that you back up your data into the nube so you do not lose anything significant before you appropriately dismiss your smartphone. You must also reset the factory data on your phone so that no further personally identifiable information may be found.

At the same time, some housekeeping is necessary and the device must be removed from services with which it is recorded. For example, de-activate it from Amazon and so on from your Google account. In many situations, the account settings on those services allow you to determine which devices have access to your account.

Recycling your phone

By trading, earn some money

Have you ever upgraded your old phone to a new smartphone? Congratulations, the easiest approach to recycle is already known.

Carriers and stores. Carriers and stores

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and Apple all provide trading schemes in which an old telephone can be traded for a new discount. Distributors such as Best Buy and Staples also have business programs that let you to make a profit from your old gadget. There may be local retailers or companies in your immediate vicinity that buy your old electronics. Shop around and try to find a good value for money.

You can use EE, O2, Three or Vodafone for the UK to trade your devices. In shops such as Currys PC World you can organize events.

Phone makers. – Phone makers

Anyone who made the device you want to return is probably your best bet. For example, Samsung and Apple both have business-in programmes, and these business-in programs are often designed to let you to obtain a discount from other manufacturers. If there is no discount, you could submit your equipment to that company for recycling.


There are possibilities for this, if you already have a new telephone and wish to just sell your old telephone. eBay is certainly a recognizable possibility but you could also look at telephone reseller businesses such as Gazelle, which is specialized in the purchase and renovation of old telephones.

In the UK you may sell secondhand phones with a wide variety of options, like Magpies and Mazuma Mobile. You get some money for obsolete devices – and they accept more than just telephones.

Give your telephone a good cause

Smartphones aren’t difficult to donate. We all know someone who seems once a month to break or lose his telephone.. Here are a few charity specialized companies that take and make good use of outdated appliances. The one decision is: what cause do you want your old equipment to support?

Soldiers cell phones

The name tells everything pretty much. Soldiers’ mobile phones place their phones in the hands of soldiers. Although this isn’t precisely what you could expect; your donated device isn’t sent to troops abroad. It utilizes the revenue from your given phones instead to buy international phone cards, which soldiers may use with their military-approved phones. Since the start of 2004, soldiers’ cell phones have spent 300 million conversation minutes and given emergency finance for 3,100 military families, recycling 15 million phones.

Make the call safe

Every phone can summon emergency services, and Secure the Call exploits this to maintain the purpose of your old phone. It gathers old phones and works to get them into the hands of isolated people, such as the victims of domestic violence or the elderly, who need to dial 911 at any time. It will even take your broken telephone and trade it in better forms with recycling companies.

Mobile Medic

It will recycle and use Medic Mobile to finance health services in 26 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Using a form from this website, you can send your phone for free.


If you are in Great Britain, you can recycle your phone and give Oxfam the revenue, combat poverty throughout Great Britain and accept donations in every way, including in cars. It offers a particular page to help you get your old phone rid of.

Check your phone responsibly

But you still have many of options, if you are only interested in getting rid of a relic of a phone, or maybe you have a stack of busty cellphones and you don’t know what to do with them. Most communities have a kind of e-waste recycling centre.

In Great Britain, most councils can collect e-waste or transport it to your home recycling facility.


Call2Recyle specializes in smartphones and battery recycling. Since 1994 it has been around and has been awarded many honors. Programs have also been launched together with the governments of the United States and Canada. This locator can be found near you on the Call2Recycle website. All drop-offs are temporarily suspended, although a mailbox can be ordered in a device.

Retailer Electronic Stores

Best Buy has gone ahead with electronic waste recycling; even the largest recycler and obsolete technology of the United States. However, some other electronic retail stores also offer telephone recycling programs such as Walmart, Staples, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Your recycler on the ground

Obviously, certain objects are too old or broken for a charity or a store to be recycled easily. So it’s time to get into contact with your local recycler or waste management agency when you still can’t discover a fitting site to donate your old phone.