How to mix your playlists with your friends with Spotify’s ‘Blend’

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image : spotify – Spotify Blends updates every day and uses both musical interests, so that new music can be easily shared with friends and relatives.

There are many methods to share music through Spotify with your pals, but the business has launched a new ‘Blend’ function that enables users to create a shared playlist that evolves every day based on the music interests of the two listeners. All free and premium users have access to blends and any other user can make a mix together. Spotify manages the process of curation itself and fills the playlist with tunes that both audience would like.

However, Blend not only concentrates on shared favorites. Every tune you love, add to your collection or listen to may end up in the playlist.

Screenshot: Brendan Hesse

When you start the new mix you will see your “Taste Match Score” to check how your preferences match with your friend, although even people with similar interests can find unforeseen—or strange—mixed playlists.

I made a mixture with my partner to test the feature. Spotify says we have a 73% Taste Match Score — which is because she and I are die-hard metalheads (we literally met in a mosh pit).

However, this little 27 percent offset is a very eclectic blend, as our favorite dead metal and hardcore punk bands are seen to share their focus with Megan Thee Stallion, Run the Jewels and soundtracks for video games.

Naturally, if you come to an end with a mix that collides too much, both users can either play favorite or hide their own songs without influencing the playlist of the other users. But strange playlists definitely form part of the charm of Blend mode: to watch your musical tastes match up with your friends and family and share new songs.

How to blend in Spotify with someone?

  1. Open Spotify and navigate to the “Search” tab.
  2. Scroll down and select “Made for You.”
  3. Choose “Create a Blend.”
  4. Choose a pal with whom to make a blend. If you don’t yet have any Spotify friends, hit “invite” to send the Blend link to a phone contact by messaging, email, or social media app.
  5. To make the Blend, your friend must accept the invitation. When the Blend is ready, you will receive an in-app alert and a push notification. You can also share the playlist on other social networking apps by tapping “Share this Story.”
  6. The Library tab allows you to access your Blends.