Yes, I want to have a robot vacuum Creepy Dyson that can climb the stairs

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Photo: Andrew Liszewski/Gizmodo – What else am I to say? I really need some extra help around the house.

Too exhausted to purify my house, honestly. I used to be proud of being the block’s tidiest blackout house. It smelt here like Fabuloso. But I had a baby, and everything went out of the window, as I recovered my time for hobby creating my mechanical keyboard..

That’s why I’m quite sure I’m the population target of a Dyson robot vacuum that could go up the stairs. Bloomberg claims that the vacuum firm has developed a robot vacuum for 16 years, which can clean and graduate stairs simultaneously. The specifications, which were published in patents in other countries this week, suggest that the Dyson bot can hold drinks and drawers. The only thing that is not obvious is whether this project is still on its agenda or whether it is a subsequent notion.

Imagine a robot vacuum that can climb the stairs and move things around. 
Image: U.K. Intellectual Property Office

Dyson works often on initiatives beyond his usual scope. The corporation looks anxious to take your home from hair straighteners to toothbrushes. However, the escalator robot has still not been confirmed as a true product, of course.

The Dyson representative told Bloomberg, “We are filing plenty of patents. “But we will never comment in the future on our technologies.”

The Dyson robot vacuum was not a scary humanoid robot based on the look of a patent filed in the United Kingdom. Rather, the diagrams appear like a vacuum in the old-school, with foot rollers and stretchable arms. Patent filing (PDF link) as described:

Two sides of the main frame and a fixed frame are fitted with path-laying climbing devices. Underneath the center of the main frame is put a bottom plate and a baffle on the back end of the base plate is installed in hinged mode. If the robot goes up or downstairs, the robot and escalator meet and the baffle falls to the ground. The robot goes through the rifle and then cranks up the rifle and stands upright to stop the robot. Once up and down, the blast is brought down to the ground, and the robot rushes to the floor through the blast.

A sample figure of how the Dyson vacuum would move up and down the stairs.
Image: U.K. Intellectual Property Office

I’m not usually a supporter without any skepticism for a robot future. But I want a vacuum that can go up the stairs at the same time. Details on the “snatching” nature of the weapons of the vacuum exist, and the patent seems to indicate that the “control orientation” exists in particular. But given that it must be able to take a cup, I would like it to push a dining chair away or straighten a robbery. My biggest frustration is that you still have to watch them, not to get stuck in the mold or on the yarn hair of a favorite doll left on the floor.

All this sounds great if the robot’s vacuum can walk down the steps in the living room, turn around and then go up the steps to clean the remainder of it. I will have to wait a few generations, however, before I can buy such an advanced vacuum. It is a lot more affordable than to buy a whole new machine. I tend to acquire Dyson equipment used or rehabilitated. And by then we should know if the mounting staircase has come to feel and toppled us all.