How to do about your broken Alarm Clock for Android?

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Photo: Monkey Business Images (Shutterstock) – Don’t let the problematic clock application on your Android make you late tomorrow.

Most of us have a wake-up time on our smartphones. We don’t often face a Home Alone circumstance unless your battery is sucking. But you have a significant problem if your alarm is not trustworthy and you are crucial to some area. And that’s what happens with Android’s Clock app as the alarm function breaks a new bug that many of us use every day.

There are several tales of dissatisfied Android Clock users (but probably well-slept) whining about their alarm. There are overflowing 1-star ratings on the app’s Play Store page and a Reddit thread reveals the wide array of Android users bewildered, irritated and seeking solutions. While the Pixel series is one of the most prevalent, consumers of other devices like OnePlus and Oppo complained too.

Those with the alarm clock bug report their alarm will begin to vibrate but will stop. One redditor claimed the alarm would go off five out of six times after testing their device. They play Russian Roulette essentially with their alarm clock, who wants to take such odds?

Does an Android alarm clock bug have to be corrected?

Unfortunately, the bad news isn’t; the app doesn’t seem to be fixed at the moment. Users noted that the user does not experience buggy problems with traditional troubleshooting approaches — such as cache clearing, uninstalling, and restoring the software. You’re certain to see the problem come back again if your app is hit.

You can easily envision that Google works around the clock to send a patch for the catastrophic flaw of the program. The fix should be installed once it’s available if auto-update applications are enabled. Go to the Play Store and search for clock to check the latest update manually (or tap here). Tap the Google LLC one; if you see an option for “Update,” tap it. If we have the correct update available, we will update that article, including the software version number.

Download an alarm app from a third party

The only viable fix till then is to utilize an alternative alarm source. The Play Store is fortunately full of possibilities. In fact, you could most probably pick one by chance, download it and wake up well next morning. But we have a few you could want if you’re on the market to get recommendations.

You might want to investigate the sleep cycle if you’re searching for something a little different. This free tool records your sleep habits to determine which sleep cycle you could be in. This information is needed to attempt and rouse you up while you are at the lightest part of the cycle. By default you set a window of 30 minutes that would be okay to wake up; if you had to wake up at 6:30, Sleep Cycle would wake you up from 6:00 to 6:30 wherever when it felt you would get the easiest time.

The Play Store Download Sleep Cycle (free)

If you really have difficulty waking up, you should think about heavy sleep alarm clock. As the name says, the program is intended for users who generally sleep or shut down their warnings mistakenly. It allows you to set “challenges” to finish a task, before the alert can be disabled. This may be Captcha task, math puzzle, mild difficulty, the list continues. Maybe you want to experience many challenges to find the one that is ideal for you.

Download heavy sleep alarm clock from the play store (free)

Another fantastic option is alarm. Like the last application, Alarmy features “missions,” which you can wake up in the morning. Take an image, shake the phone, or select to finish a number of math problems before you may disable it. And because alarm grows loud, you will want to switch it off. It’s also the most high-quality alarm clock application in the world; if you care about peer review it may be your app.

Play Store Download Alarmy (free)