Hide Your House on Google Maps from Nosy People

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techno.rentetan.com – Ask Google Street View to obscure your home in your pics (and its competitors).

As the features such as Google Maps street-level 360o photos and other competitive mapping services become increasingly convenient, there is always a risk to collect your personal data in an image you want to avoid, whether outside your home or parking your car. You can also collect it with publicly available photos.

In many circumstances, if you have problems of this kind, you can find a simple solution—you can ask the mapping service to obscure or delete the image. On the most popular mapping services we will teach you how to do this.

How can you hide your home from Google Maps

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You may have solid reasons not to want to capture your house on the service yet Google Maps’ Street Views is incrediblely helpful. You can ask Google to blur it when you are uncomfortable with a photo of your residence that you can view in the world. Open Google Maps to do this and look for a location or address nearby. Click the Street View tab in the left pane and select the picture to show your property.

Next, click the three-point icon on the left top of the image and select Report an issue. Report a problem. You’ll then find a page to select the region you want to blur. Click and drag the picture to show your house in the red square (you can also shift it to focus on a car or anything else visible in the photo). Then, pick My Home under Request Blurring. Share your email address, select the captcha box and click Send.

Google will check and blur your house on the map.

How can Apple Maps hide your House

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Apple Maps offers Look Across, which works a lot like Google Street View, which gives you 360o photographs from various places around the world. You can e-mail [email protected] to discuss your problem if you see your House in the service and want the house deleted. Usually after one week, Apple will consider your request and hide your House from your service.

(For additional information on the data gathering methods of Apple Maps, check this page.)).

How do you cover the Bing Maps in your home?

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Bing maps from Microsoft have a function like StreetSide called Google Street View. You can ask Microsoft to delete your home in StreetSide too. The corporation reports that the requests have been reviewed and data removed within 30-60 days.

Open the Bing map and browse your address to send such a request. Sheet down in the left pane with the StreetSide marker and click on any image. This opens a 360 degree view of the area. Click In the lower-left corner to report an issue with this picture. This the page you will be able to select House next to the question “What kind of thing do you have?”

Click on the part of your house’s image. This part is going to show a red dot on the picture. To report the picture to Microsoft, click Submit.

What about OpenStreetMap and Waze?

Services like Waze and OpenStreetMap do not have a street view that shows panoramic photographs of several houses or people on ground levels, so you do not have to worry about deleting these services (nothing more).