Too hot to record all of the time, Google confirms New nest Doorbell Cam

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The second-gen Nest Doorbell can’t do continuous video recording when it’s wired because it would get too hot.
Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo – Even when the doorbell is plugged in because of its size, you cannot record video continually. The Nest Doorbell second generation is the first battery-powered version of the Google device, fitted default with several battery saving capabilities. However, even if the new Nest Doorbell is plugged in through power wire, video recording will not support every day.

Google states that because wire has ‘thermal problems’ to the Battery-powered Nest Doorbell,’ because it is not big sufficient for heat to be dissipated if the sun is settling.

This information comes from a thread originally obtained by Android Police in the Official Nest Sub-Reddit. I phoned Google, and a spokesman confirmed the fact that heat was the cause.

A Google community manager said in response to a few questions about the capability of the new “wired devices” in Nest 24/7, that all devices except the battery powered Nest doorbell have Continuous Video Recording (CVR). A few questions. The community manager wrote: “This is because adding CVRs to Nest Doorbell (drums) is energy used and would provide some thermal difficulties. ” “This would have obliged us to widen the doorbell.”

In another field the same community manager has dealt with the particular “challenges.” “It also offers heat issues for a device operated with batteries and probably in direct sunlight, which needs larger hardware enclosures in wired variants.”

Consider this as a public official notice for the single concession you must make to prevent spontaneous combustion of your doorbell camera. It’s also an insight into what Google needs to take into account as an outdoor hardware manufacturer. It seems reasonable to leave out a feature such as continuous recording with so much climatic variability, which already plays a major part in internet bandwidth.

I saw firsthand, however in this precise scenario, what the sun can do for a doorbell camera. I still have the original Nest Hello, now on the Google Store as the Nest Doorbell. In my evaluation I mentioned the plastic tension around the sides of the doorbell chassis three years later. Sun and heat are expected to continue to be at fault. If you prefer a wired camera with 24/7 connectivity, you can still buy the original doorbell. It will be fascinating to watch how the newest Nest Doorbell matt finish, which increased in size over its predecessor, is maintained over time.

You may choose from different models available from Google including the redesigned battery-powered nest camera if you wish to have a Nest camera that enables continue filming. We will soon be checking this device.