The way your iPhone is used as an official ID

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Photo: Jake Peterson – With your iPhone, you can prove your identification as long as your state does.

Why do we have physical IDs in this digital age? When I’m able to use Apple Pay, I do not need my credit card; with Express Transit, I do not need my MetroCard more; I still have to bring the full wallet to any place where a driver’s license is required. Fortunately, it sounds like this with iOS 15 is changing as Apple makes it possible for your Wallet app to include an official ID.

The new functionality is iOS 15 linked, therefore it’s still not live. But we know a bit about that; as long as your government accepts it, Apple will allow you to put your driver’s license or State ID into Wallet. You can utilize it once it has been added to the participating airports when passing through new security lanes. While this is the first case in use, it is hoped that in future, this ID is accepted in wallet form in additional forms such as alcohol purchases or other age-limited products.

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How to add your ID to the Wallet app for your iPhone

If iOS 15 is out and ID in Wallet is live, the configuration process is relatively simple. The same basic approach is used to add other card kinds to the software; press the (+) button at the top of Wallet’s main screen and follow the license or ID instructions. You are also requested to insert the ID of the clock if you have an Apple Watch.

Then iOS requests that your ID be scanned and a selfie is asked. In order for Apple to validate your identification, your iPhone will then securely send the selfie to your state and capture a range of face and head motions as an additional security layer. Your ID will be uploaded to the Wallet app once your state confirms your identity.

How to use your identification in your wallet

Although IDs in the Wallet are surely a number of possible uses, Apple’s main goal at the moment is to produce your license or ID to TSA when it comes to airport security. Tap your iPhone on the ID player is all you need to do. If you do, you will get a prompt displaying TSA information. The data is only communicated to TSA if the Face ID or Touch ID authenticates you.

This function is secure; all information that you identify is encrypted on your device, so that no third party may access it. Apple has no control. If you communicate this information with a TSA ID reader, it is also encrypted, so that during transfer it is protected.

States which allow you to utilize Wallet ID

Currently, ID is still not active in Wallet, as it’s a unique iOS 15. No time-frame is provided for when the feature will go live; Apple does not confirm whether or not it’s a day-one feature for iOS 15. Until then, Apple said that the first countries in this country to select for ID in Wallet will be Georgia and Arizona.

However, additional states have also been confirmed; only some time after Arizona and Georgia will they benefit from the feature. They are as follows:

  • Connecticut
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Oklahoma
  • Utah