The 7th Series of Apple Watch can be delayed

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Photo: Caitlin McGarry/Gizmodo – Well, well, I think it’s when the screen size grows greater. Well, good. Until today, the Apple Watch Series 7 was slated to debut simultaneously with the iPhone 13 line-up. Now that Apple is approaching its long expected September presentation, it looks like the series 7 may be delayed because of production problems.

According to Nikkei Asia, “complex designs” in Series 7 are at the basis of the problem. Small-scale production was supposedly begun last week, but the results were not sufficient because the design was “substantially changed” from prior iterations and electronic modules, components, and displays were problematic. A Bloomberg Report confirmed that the delay was also substantiated by citing a nearly unnamed source.

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Rumors concerning the Series 7 were scant compared to past years, but the Apple Watch was redesigned one thing which was consistent. Up to now, we’ve saw a few renderers of a flat-edged iPhone-like watch. The size of the screens is increasing, from 45 mm to 41 mm and 44 mm, is also a recent rumor.

But Nikkei says that the external design does not inherently cause problems—although large screens play a role in the end.

The article also states that the clock inside design was re-configured by Apple through new capabilities, such as blood pressure monitoring. (Blood pressure surveillance is also quite a fresh rumour, while Apple was long speculated on blood glucose surveillance.) Or simply, more components need to be bolted into a clock that is less than its predecessor. This is supposed to lead to manufacturing problems, a problem only compounded by the epidemic. Nikkei states specifically that Apple cannot interact personally with its suppliers to verify requirements so that the business faces design issues when testing begins.

It’s nearly certain that this fall we’ll again have several Apple events. But up to today, only two events had been conceived about. The new M1X MacBooks and Mac Mini are scheduled to arrive later in November when iPad Mini, Apple Watch Series 7 and AirPod 3 are to be launched along with iPhone 13 in September. But the Apple Watch now appears like it could possibly launch at a separate event, much like it did for Apple Watch SE and Series 6 last year. In September, Apple may be able to announce the series 7, but it will only launch much later.

Honestly, this cannot be predicted, because it will rely on when mass production starts series 7. And until its test results are satisfactory, we can not know when the 7 series enters into mass production. In essence, it means how quickly Apple can fix these manufacturing issues. The rest of us are just waiting to see how it is all going to work until September.