The iPhone 13 is capable of allowing users to call and text without 4G and 5G coverage

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Photo: Josh Edelson / AFP (Getty Images) – Apple plans to integrate technology in its future smartphones that allow connection to satellite communications.

Only a few days remain before September, when Apple plans to announce its new lineup of iPhone 13. However, Ming-Chi Kuo from Apple Analyst has been giving us a sneak look what we may expect, even when the coverage is 4G and 5G.

In a note from an investor viewed by MacRumors, Kuo, a longer-term trustworthy source for Apple, stated that an iPhone 13 is rumored to be packed with technology capable of using satellites with low Earth orbits. The hardware in question is reported to be a special Qualcomm X60 satellite communication baseband processor, says the site. Specific software functions should be activated.

When you recall, LEO satellites are the same kinds of satellites that SpaceX uses for Starlink. Despite this reality, it does not appear that Apple will cooperate with Space X for its link with satellite communication.

The Kuo investor notes that it is likely that the company’s partner would be Globalstar, “the technology and service coverage provider most likely to work with Apple.” The relationship makes sense because both businesses deal with Qualcomm. Qualcomm has included Band N53 technology from Globalstar into its new 5G X65 modem in February.

Kuo added that “the simplest scenario” means network providers may cooperate directly with Globalstar to enable iPhone 13 customers to take advantage of phones’ satellite communications connection. In principle this would prevent clients from paying the Globalstar service additionally or from contracting it elsewhere.

Kuo said it was the easiest situation to work with network operators, but it is uncertain if this strategy truly would play out or if the connectivity of satellite communications will be free. In addition, it’s not known, whether that is, if iPhone users are out of 4G and 5G ranges, they may utilize Apple services, such as iMessage and FaceTime.

According to Kuo, this isn’t the final time we’ll see satellite communications connection in Apple’s devices. Apple is rumored to be aiming to integrate this functionality in a range of products, including its mixed reality headset, electric car, and other Internet of Things accessories.