The fastest way in any browser to clear out your recent browsing history

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Photo: Primakov (Shutterstock) – Your browser offers a shortcut to remove the internet history of your latest browser.

Listen, here we are not to judge or inquire. You must clean out your recent history of browsing—and quickly. We can help, lucky for you. Regardless of whether you’re using Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Brave, a shortcut is included in the keyboard to assist you remove your latest online history as quickly as possible.

Delete the last hour from the main web browsers

The majority of online browsers allow you to remove the web surfing last hour. This is generally the ideal way for people who only want to remove, but not data older, what they are looking for. We have a solution for you later, if you are seeking something with a further narrower time frame.

For Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave and Opera the following keyboard shortcuts will work:

  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Delete
  • Mac: Command + Shift + Delete
  • Chromebook: Ctrl + Shift + Backspace

You will be sent to your web history manager after you utilize this shortcut with your online browser. Deleting the last hour of internet history could be the default, depending on your browser, but if this is not, you can simply find the Time Range, click on it and pick which one choice would erase the last hour of your surfing.

Clearing from Safari the last hour of history

You’d wonder why we haven’t mentioned your browser in this post if you use Safari on your Mac. For one cause, Apple does not offer a keyboard shortcut to delete your online history on one of the only main browsres.

Fortunately, macOS makes it straightforward for almost any application to set up a keyboard shortcut. Just click the Shortcuts button, select App Shortcuts and then click on the (+) button.

The shortcut tool opens up System Preferences. Click on “All apps” and choose “Safari.” In the Menu Title text area, type “Clear History…” and type whichever keyboard shortcut you like. Type “Clear History… Because macOS has some reason to reject the normal short-cut ‘Command + Shift + Delete,’ I used the ‘Comand + Shift + Return’ command.

Screenshot: Jake Peterson

You will be ready to use your shortcut after you click “Add.” Go back to Safari to get it clean and browse history for your past hour.

Clean up Google’s last 15 minutes of history

While we focus on online browsers for desktops, we should not mention the brand new “Last 15min delete” function of Google. As the name suggests, you may erase the last 15 minutes of browsing activity immediately if you are using the Google app on your phone. As many browsers only allow you to erase this function up to the latest hour of the history.

Tap the profile icon at the top-right of the Google app’s main page. You will get a “Delete last 15 mins” option on this box when you have some recent browsing history. Tap it once, and your Google history will start to delete. But, by selecting the “CANCEL” button at the bottom of the page, you have a short amount of time to back up this decision.