The Might Launch iPhone 13 on September 17

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Photo: Caitlin McGarry/Gizmodo – Get your crystal balls: the predictions about Apple iPhone events are here.

It’s nearly clear at this stage that next month Apple will introduce the iPhone 13. But while we’re unaware about the official date of the phone, an inadvertent e-commerce listing suggests that the next-generation iPhone might be launched on 17 Sept.

The list originates from a Chinese E-commerce app image first detected by IT Home (via MacRumors.) The picture indicates all four variants of iPhone 13 will be sold on 17 Sept, while AirPod 3 launches on 30 Sept. There is not too much to support this argument, but it coincides with other recent speculations that the annual iPhone launch event for Apple would be held in September for the 3rd.

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Apple has been (in)famous for having a science-based device, but the pandemic and worldwide chip scarcity have pushed the normal pattern. While its annual iPhone event is typically held in September, the firm moved its announcement into October last year. The Apple Watch series 6 announced in September and M1 in November also hosted two additional events. Apple’s MacBooks. All the indicators this year indicate that the iPhone is again arriving in September, but it appears that this autumn we are due for other events too. The latest M1X MacBooks of 14 inch and 16 inch, together with a high-end Mac Mini, may be seen in November in particular.

If we look through prior years, Apple may be able to have their iPhone event on Sept. 7, Sept. 14, or September 21. If 17 September is indeed the day of sale, 7 September may be a contestant for the launch event itself. It corresponds to the “theory of Labor Day” of CNET. The notion is, albeit it has been somewhat torn, that if Labor Day is Sept. 1-3, the iPhone event takes place the next week and when it takes place Sept. 5 or later, the following Wednesday, Apple introduces the iPhone. And even though Sept. 21 is potentially in the cards, Apple still has to host an iPhone event after Sept. 15 (not considering the surprise of October last year).

Is it absurd to this Apple Nostradamus? Yes. We all know that when it comes here the iPhone 13 lineup is going to arrive here. But forecasting iPhone debuts at this point is a longstanding practice, and in the comments below we shall place our bets.