Samsung Smart TVs Can Brick up Remotely If Robbed

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Photo: Samsung – TV Block starts once the user links the stolen TV with the internet, which is required to manage the devices.

QLED loving thefts, watch out for: On Thursday, Samsung announced that its TVs may be deactivated from a distance when the firm detects they were stolen, provided that they are linked to the internet.

The technology, called “Samsung TV Block,” was initially disclosed earlier this month in a press release following deployment in South Africa following a range of warehouse plundering that was sparked by turmoil. In the announcement, Samsung stated the technology “comes onto all Samsung TV devices” already pre-charged and said “that it guarantees that only legitimate owners may use the TV sets with a valid proof of purchase.”

TV Block starts once the user connects the stolen TV to the Internet which is required for the smart TVs to work. When the serial number of televisions is connected to the Samsung server, a blocking mechanism will cause all TV features to be deactivated effectively.

While only the blocking feature in relation to TVs taken from the warehouse of the firm is mentioned in the announcement, the protection may also be apparently applied to individual customers who have stolen television and who notify the serial number of the item to Samsung.

However, there has been no news to far about whether or not Samsung plans to let those who have been taken from their TVs and wish to deactivate them themselves to remote blocking. (Odds are strong that the sheer specter of the thought of multitudes of customers who report being locked out of their television sets is plenty to give people a hand in hives at Samsung.)

The firm says that if a person’s TV is banned by error, the functioning can be resumed if the user can show a genuine proof of purchase and share a license with a “legal dealership.” (The business reports that you can provide evidence of the purchase paperwork on its website to [email protected] for help).