Apple discreetly checks an external face identification sensor that can scan your face even beneath a mask

by - – According to a recent claim from Jon Prosser’s Front Page Tech, employees at Apple have discretly tested a considerably higher exterior Face ID module under an iPhone 12 cover that confirms your identity behind hazy glasses and even as a mask as a whole.

This module is nearly similar to spray casings used by staff of Apple Store to scan barcodes. The current iPhone 12 Face ID scanner is equipped with a decent sensor technology. As part of the report, the system will certainly not launch alongside the latest iPhone 13 series released next month, especially given that Apple will be completely reducing its size by almost 25% for the first time this year. But if Cupertino finds a method to lower the size of sophisticated Face ID technology, then it is not a shock to see it go to the iPhone 14 or even the iPhone 15.

Of course, real life implementation is nothing more than a presumption at this time, as it is known that Apple tests numbers of devices and configurations which never pass the internal testing phase – like the MacBook touchscreen, which was so seldom shown before during the Steve Jobs period.

Prosser also highlights Apple’s attention on foggy-glass testing of the New System even until the COVID-19 epidemic ends, foggy glasses are still one of the most difficult challenges for the present Face ID system.

Again, although this upgraded technology is probably definitely not to be reached next month on the iPhone 13.