Moto Edge Gen 2 is a large Edge 20 battery for US launch exclusively

by - – Motorola unveiled a series of Edge 20 towards the end of July 2021. However, this trio of gadgets was not intended for a US launch. Now it has been discovered that the US-only Moto Edge Gen 2 was the only Edge gadget ever to be needed.

Indeed, Edge Gen 2 truly questions the excessive complexity of worldwide launch in terms of specification and designation. The Gen 2 is a large-scale battery version of the Edge 20 – with a reduced price from the European buyer’s standpoint (especially due to a $200 off promotion before the introduction of the device on September 2, 2011).

But that’s fantastic from the point of view of a US buyer. The GM 2 eliminates the confusion of first-generation edge and extremely costly Edge+ versions, making it much harder to buy.

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And a delicious specification is available. The Edge Gen 2 comes with a 5.000mAh, a Qualcomm Snapdragon Snapdragon 778G mid-level processor, three rear cameras (including a 108megapixel primary), and a very fast 144Hz display.

This screen is likewise flat, with a 6.7-inch OLED display. There are no curved borders like the previous versions. The initial thinking that the Edge series was called after this because of the curved edge panel (we still believe that was the case, however, and Motorola has simply changed tack).

Certainly there is no top tier CPU and zoom lens like it is on the Edge 20 Pro, but we believe that Edge Gen 2 is the right mix for what customers really want, packaged in a well-designed body and, most important of all, at an initial price point of 499 dollars which is genuinely attractive. Shame that we’re not going to actually have that model across the country.