Someone 3D-printed the Simpsons Purple Living Room TV in a replica

by - – It plays episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ in the first eleven years—and, yes, the TV control pushbutton works too.

Finally he answered the question, “Why do I want a 3D printer on earth?,” The video of what may be the best reason for a 3D printer and Raspberry Pi is provided by Brandon Withrow in Reddit by Buba447: a little image of a TV in the livingroom of the Simpsons, which plays The Simpsons.

In the current situation, Withrow is working on a more comprehensive tutorial on how anybody may create their own Simpsons’ TV replica. So if this looks to be a must-have addition to your bucket full desk, patience is necessary till they are shared more thoroughly. But the fundamental basics of how this thing came together already have been provided by the Reddit. The TV itself was developed by means of Autodesk Fusion 360, whereas the Ender 3 Pro 3D printer created all the plastic components of the set.

Since The Simpsons were not produced in high-definition, widescreen products until Season 20, the Withrow screen ratio was 4:3, since only the first 11 seasons of the cartoon series were featured. Behind a curved frame, a 640×480 TFT display appears to resemble the bloated crystal of an old-school CRT. Inside, it’s a Raspberry Pi Zero with a 32GB microSD for media stores.

All of the first 11 season episodes have been reduced to the microSD and the screen size (animated series like The Simpsons compress to smaller file sizes very well). And if the TV is connected to a USB power supply, a random episode is played and moved to a different random episode after the episode is completed. When you push the top button on the little TV, you will remember where you left when you recharged (provided you don’t totally cut power). The second button is really a dial attached to a potentiometer that allows you to change the volume up and down by turn it back and forth.

The construction reminds of Basic Funcollectible !’s Tiny TV Classics that are miniatures playing tiny bits of classic TV shows and movies, but the good seasons of The Simpsons are a significant boost on your desktop and are easy to reach. To if Withrow is clear about where all of Simpsons’ material can be found in his future construction manual, Disney has no motive to attempt and shut down this magnificent work.

Fixed at 14:14 EST/EDT: The power button does not pause, as Withrow explains on Reddit, the current episode “…episodes just play consistently. ” I just wanted a traditional TV experience ‘always on.’ The GPIO input turns off only the screen.”