How to switch iPhone Night Mode off and keep it off

by - – When Apple debuted the iPhone 11 in 2019, it added night mode. When the compatible iPhone model recognizes low light circumstances and adjustments things accordingly, the function starts automatically to provide you with better results.

You can switch the Night Mode off for a single shot, but Night Mode would go back to the automated mode before iOS 15, when you took a next photo.

With iOS 15 – Apple will soon be launched and will be able to switch Night Mode off and to retain the settings to ensure it remains away. It’s like here.

How to maintain iPhone night mode settings

You only have to press the icon of night mode at the top of your screen in the camera application and move the night-mode slider underneath the visitor to the left to turn off night mode for a particular shot. This image is then deactivated.

The next time the camera app is opened the Night Mode would automatically revert to Auto. Similarly, if you move the slider to the right, the night mode will be set to Max for that shot, following which the next low light photo will go back to Auto.

If you wish to turn off night mode and keep it off – or set it to Max to be maintained there for future pictures – so that you do not have to switch it off or use the photo slider, follow the instructions below:

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings app.
  • Scroll to ‘Camera.’ Scroll down.
  • Tap ‘Settings Preserve.’ Tap.
  • Night Mode Toggle.

For subsequent low-light pictures you capture with your iPhone, the settings you adjusted to Night Mode before will be retained.

Remember, this setting is available for iOS 15 only – now in beta phase – and you will need a night mode iPhone, iPhone 11 or higher than that. You may read our separate function to download the iOS 15 beta on your iPhone.