Careful pictures are intended to depict a dark purple iPhone 13 Pro

by - – Two Twitter photos claim to display a deep rose, dark purple iPhone 13 Pro, which may at initial appear as a graphite 12 Pro color corrector, but more research indicates that the phone we’re seeing is indeed of the forthcoming iPhone 13 Pro series.

How do we know? How do we know that? Take another look at the pure iPhone camera module and compare it to either the iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max. Notice something? Notice something?

The module on the leaked iPhone sits significantly broader and wider at the middle of the device, much past the Apple logo’s center position, which is grafted on each iPhone’s back. However, the camera module does not go that far with an iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max, which is somewhat smaller and not as large as what is planned to start with the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro models.

The leaker, @MajinBuOfficial, is called the iPhone ‘rose gold,’ although we can’t say the two hues appear very similar, based on the rose gold iPhone models made by Apple a few years ago, thus the ‘purple’ appellation.

Earlier this year, a new Sunset Bronze finish was rumored to have the iPhone 13 Pro, according to the tradition of the past two years when Apple launches an iPhone Pro series with an annual shade exclusive from Silver, Graphite and Gold. It was Midnight Green for the iPhone 11 Pro and Pacific Blue for the 12 Pro however, if it’s truly Sunset Bronze this year, let’s just say that we’re expecting this device to be a color test early instead of the completed product in September, which we will actually see here.