Windows 11 makes browser change absurdly difficult

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Microsoft wants you to use the Edge browser, and it will stop at nothing to get you converted. 
Image: Microsoft – In a page torn from out of the 90s, Microsoft reminds us of the browser battles that still take place there.

Some individuals say they don’t change. The same applies to various systems. The new Windows edition is expected this autumn and with the beta for developers and Windows insiders, it was plenty of possibilities that you could delve inside the operating system to discover what’s ahead for Microsoft. And the same old tale may be seen. Microsoft would like to make it difficult for you to use a browser which is not Edge.

The Verge describes how the new procedure has been complicated to change the default Windows 11 browser. As with Windows 10, when you click on a web link to select an app, you will be prompted to do this. But until you inform the system that you want to change browsers, you’re all right with Microsoft Edge as the default. And if you’re used to Windows 10, you couldn’t even think of “always use this program.” This would be a critical step to notify the system that Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are what you want to use.

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Worse even, if you don’t recall the first popup, you must delve into the settings in order to alter the default application for each individual file type. It can be tired! This implies that you will be told by Windows which software is supposed to open HTM, HTML, PDF, SVG and XHTML files—which is merely a sample of what sorts of files a browser may access. Further pictures demonstrate Windows 11 still calls users when switching browsers to try Microsoft Edge.. Despite the default configuration, even the basic taskbar widget Windows 11 sends the user directly to Edge.

The Verge has approached many other browsers to respond to Windows 11 changes. Most people don’t like the practice. “Microsoft has a history of doing so, and it looks like it’s getting worse,” a Vivaldi SP declared. “It becomes tougher [to alter defaults] with every new version of Windows. You understand that just to lock them in is the method that people can utilize their browsers.”

Edge Microsoft is a strong browser. In recent years, Edge has taken significant steps to speed up its current offers. It furthermore supports a wide range of extensions, making it easy to move between various browsers if you like to multitask at a time..

But the practice of Microsoft to force customers to keep within its ecosystem is one page from the company’s book of history. Two décades earlier, Microsoft was punished by the authorities for almost doing the same thing in an antitrust instance: bundling Internet Explorer on older versions of Windows as the instant default browser. During the process, Microsoft incurred significant losses and eventually resolved the case. The case may be stated that it enabled the various versions of the browser today.

Microsoft said to The Verge that it “continuously listen and learn” and invites more comments as the Windows 11 develops to help build the OS.. We still have some time until the final Windows version is released. Despite all the aesthetic amendments to Windows 11, what we have gleaned thus far has weighted the desktop operating system down by old, anti-competent ideology.