T-Mobile offers free identity theft protection data for millions of customers when the hacker has been stalled

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Photo: Alastair Pike / AFP (Getty Images)

techno.rentetan.com – There has been compromises on data of at least 49 million T-Mobile subscribers.

After hackers have stolen data on about 49 million customers and potential customers, T-Mobile is going to give two years free identity theft protection services, according to a mobile company statement. Only on last weekend when hackers offered to sell the data for six bitcoins or around $272,400 depending on the current pricing, did the data infringement become public.

The initial data confirmed by T-Mobile were taken on Monday, although what had been stolen did not exist at the time. The cell provider now states that 48 million customers’ stolen data comprise first and last names, birth dates, numbers for social security, and driver’s license data. There have also been compromises on another 850,000 prepaid T-Mobile user names, phones and PIN accounts.

“While our research is still in progress and we are learning further facts, we have already been able to establish that some personal information was contained in the data looted from our system,” T-Mobile informed Gizmodo in an e-mail statement.

While T-Mobile reports that data were obtained on around 49 million users, the hackers believe it is almost 100 million. Fortunately, no credit card information has been stolen, neither hackers, nor T-Mobile claims.

“We do not have any evidence that client finances, credit card information, debit or other payment information is part of the data contained in the stolen files,” T-Mobile added.

However, T-Mobile still maintains that some 49 million consumers have been taken with that little comfort.

“Our early research shows that roughly 7.8 million existing T-Mobile post-paid customer reports, as well as little more than 40 million prior or potential customer data previously applied for loans with T-Mobile are included in stolen files,” the business informed Gizmodo.

Two years of Identity protection with the McAfee ID Theft Protection Service have been guaranteed and client signup to the T-Mobile Account Takeover Protection service will be encouraged. T-Mobile also encourages people to update their PINs.

The cell carrier will later on Wednesday create a dedicated web page with more hacking details by the firm. The hackers have collected outdated data from prepayment clients that could be unrelated to T-Mobile and it is uncertain whether the business would try to contact them over the data leak.

T-Mobile did not immediately answer any inquiries from Gizmodo overnight concerning the difference between the 49 million subscribers recognized by the firm and the 100 million requested by the hackers who had their data affected the company. If we hear from the firm, we will update this post.

“We are serious about our client safety and we will be working every day to guarantee that we look after our clients in the face of that malicious assault,” T-Mobile stated. “We take protection extremely seriously.

“We wanted to publish these first findings while our research remains continuing, even if we discover more via our research that causes the above information to alter or evolve.”