OnlyFans have a new, no-nude free streaming app

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Screenshot: OnlyFans – The application – which features exercise, food, comedy and music – is part of the attempt of the firm to rebuild itself as a creative-driven app.

Only fans — the subscription-based platform that links the content makers and buyers of adults — have started to promote its initial application but believe NSFW material is currently being relegated to its back seat.

OFTV’s material is now accessible on all main devices, including iOS, Roku & Amazon Fire and features a collection of 800 films, which includes original series made by artists like Mia Khalifa, Bella Thorne and Holly Madison. Click here for more information. In contrast to the main offerings of the company, which have become linked with sexual material, the application is supposed to only contain nudity-free videos, including fitness instructors, chefs, musicians, comedians and podcasters.

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Tim Stokely, founder and CEO of Only Fans, said recently to Bloomberg that “OF TV offers an easy method for fans to see material from their favorite designers. “OfTV does not include any pornographic content. Because it is not commercialized and the income of artists is not directed, we can be on the app store.”

Although the app was first introduced in January, only lately did OnlyFans market it as a method to connect non pornographic designers to new audiences. Bloomberg states that the software was developed to “defy its image in pornography and make it a crucial tool for all web designers,” as part of a strategy game.

“We were the first creative platform to empower creators with respect to their material from the start of the introduction of OnlyFans,” Stokely stated. ‘We all want to provide creators more chances to get their material out and more opportunities to access it for our community.’

Since the way creators link to fans has been revolutionized by membership platforms like Patreon and Substack — and especially during the pandemic which has forced everyone inside and strengthened direct models of monetization — only supporters have undoubtedly thought about the whole money that they leave on the table by exclusively concentrating on adult contents. The platform will concurrently extend its offers to allow new designers to advertise themselves and to diversify their reach for new consumers.

Stokely told Bloomberg, “People who came to OFTV to see one movie may pick another.” “The audience is wider and maybe somewhat different.”