17 new free streaming channels are available on the Roku Channel

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Photo: Alex Cranz/Gizmodo

techno.rentetan.com – Now over 200 free streaming channels are on the Roku Channel.

After revealing earlier this week that they aim to join with El Rey Network to develop an exclusive Latinx-based entertainment program, The Roku Channel revealed this week that 16 more free streaming channels will also be added to its network.

Roku users will get immediate access to 15 new channels from Tuesday onward, with an extra channel scheduled for usage on Thursday, alongside 200 existing free streamings channels on the device. Tuesday, August 17, the El Rey Network – an ad-backed network with material chosen by American film creator Robert Rodriguez.

“We are excited to have a partner with Roku on an exclusive channel window with El Rey’s transfer to the streaming sector,” Rodriguez said in his statement. “This cooperation strengthens our dedication to many perspectives and honest, inclusive telling of stories which can be accessible free of charge.”

The Tribeca Channel, which will feature entertainment contents curated by a major movie festival, AccuWeather NOW, which provides round-the-clock forecasts and weather coverage; Estrella Games, Spain’s first ever 24/7 game show; and FilmRise Horror can appeal to genre fans with a variety of C-speaks, among other new channels that have been added today by Roku,.

News from the new channels comes a week later when Roku announcing the plan to add 23 new Quibi titles to its range of originals The Roku Channel, including a game show hosted by the Josh Groban organizers Squeaky Clean, “a first-class cleaning contest hosted by Lesie Jordan,” in which famous people team up with civilians in order to try and identify hyper-real desserts. In addition to supporting the ad-oriented Roku revenue model, the new content may assist Roku license material from other media firms and sell advertising against it, it can also help to draw new audiences as the platform tries to strengthen new subscriberies.

Roku is available on Web, iOS and Android smartphones, Amazon Fire TV and on Samsung TVs and on every Roku device. The Roku Channel is also available.