Voice and video call now may be encrypted on Facebook Messenger from end to end

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Photo: Jeff Chiu (AP)

techno.rentetan.com – In view of the increasing number of audio and video conversations in recent years, Facebook decided to offer the new end-to-end encryption option to Messenger.

Facebook wants you to know that Messenger is a little safer and more private (or as private as anything built by the company can be considered). In short, users now have the option of encrypting end-to-end audio and video chats on Messenger.

But wait, have those not been encrypted already end-to-end? Well, that’s exactly what you expected, but in recent years the business has only provided this security option for one-on-one text chats. In the news release, Facebook stated that, with the recent year, which has made sense in view of our pandemic constraints, Messenger has chosen to introduce the new end-to-end encryption option.

The firm noted that over 150 million video calls were made to Messenger a day during that period.

Other Facebook programs have already built-in encryption from end to end, such as WhatsApp. End-to-end encryption means that in texts and calls only you and the receiver can access the content. Nobody else can see your messages and hear your calls, even Facebook. Nevertheless, users of Facebook have always been able to report encrypted end-to-end messaging “if something is incorrect,” which probably refers to circumstances such as harassment.

End-to-end encryption of Messenger has not touched everything yet including group chats, audio group and video calls. Facebook claimed that in the next weeks, it will test these characteristics with certain users.

Facebook has also presented an update on the messages that are gone in Messenger, allowing users to see how long someone will be able to read their messages in a chat before they are gone. The update allows users to determine how quickly they wish to vanish their communications between five seconds and 24 hours.

Finally, the firm is also exploring direct Instagram messaging for end-to-end encryption. This test will include adults from countries that choose to receive encrypted end-to-end communications and one-on-one calls.