How to find your Android phone you have lost

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Photo: Aleksander_Gwiazda (Shutterstock) – Move your smartphone Android?? Here are a few ways for finding fast.

If you misplace your Android phone, you can quickly discover it, take the breath deep, expel it gently and follow these instructions when we teach you how to find your lost Android.

What you need to find an Android device you misplaced

Before you begin to find your missing telephone, please be advised that some conditions apply. Your phone must be powered on and logged on, linked to the internet, and you must encode the GPS and Find My Device (by heading to Configuration > Security > Find My Device). It will be tough to find if your misplaced phone is switched off or fails to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements.

How to find your Android phone that was lost

After you have confirmed the fundamental information, go to and register using your Google account. Make sure you sign up on your lost phone using the same Google account.

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Login to this website shows your device’s location for individuals with a single phone only. You can click on the name of the missing telephone atop the web page if you have two or more phones.

Please note that on the map at the right side of the screen your telephone will display. This is a valid and may not be fully accurate location, Google points out. Of course, it is advisable that it may not be a good idea to go seeking it alone if your phone has been stolen.

How to play your lost Android device sound

If you have forgotten the phone, the map position is useful to keep in mind where you have forgotten it. However, you may pin your phone by pinging it after you reach the spot (and are in a safe place).

For this purpose, you can login to and pick the phone you cannot find from your Google account. Click the Play Sound button in the left pane that will play your phone in silent mode for around 5 minutes without stopping.

How to lock your lost Android phone and lock a message

You may also click Secure Device in the left pane of the same screen to lock your device and sign out of the Google account in order to keep your data secure. You may show a message on your screen together with a telephone number with this function. If you get lucky, your message with the other number might assist them return the phone to you if a sort of odd person finds your phone. Click Secure Device again to lock it when the message and the number have been input.

How to remotely delete all your Android phone data

You may click on Device erase on the page, to return the phone to factory settings if you’ve lost all hope. For a second time, you have to press the Green Device button to indicate that you want everything on your device to be erased. Note that it will delete internally stored information, but it may not do the same for your phone’s SD cards.