How to maintain the camera configuration for your iPhone when you close the app

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Photo: Aleksandrs Muiznieks (Shutterstock) – Every time you open the camera, you don’t have to switch off Live Photo.

The camera on your iPhone is full of numerous settings and modes, like Live Photos, slo-movie footage, panorama views, and the list continues. You use the camera the same way more often than not, every time you snap a picture, using the settings you choose. Sadly, every time you reopen the camera application, your iPhone would seem to reset all of these settings. Fortunately, this irritating “feature” has to be fixed.

In the “Preserve Settings” menu, Apple disregards the possibility of preserving your camera’s settings. Allow it to perform what you probably want your camera to do first – save your last time settings so that they are still active next time you open the camera. In this method, Live Photos may stay off until you want them on again. You can leave Video mode activated and not switch the camera back to Photo by standard.

Just go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings to retrieve the settings. Here is a set of options that you’ll see each with their own toggle. Scan the list and allow toggles next to choices that Camera would want to remember and leave options that Camera would like to reset at all occasions.

The issue to bear in mind, though, is that on every iPhone this list is not the same. Because certain iPhones have different camera functions, you may not see all of your device options. In reality, several of the settings are only available in the beta-testing iOS 15. Here is a look at the entire list of activities and what they do.

  • Camera Mode: maintains the previous camera mode used (Photos, Video, Portrait, etc.).
  • Creative Controls: recall the last filter to be applied, aspect ratio, light or depth.
  • Setting the exposure: maintains the last used adjustment of the exposure and always retains the display indication on display..
  • Night Mode: saves your mode last night (iOS 15).
  • Portrait zoom: holds zoom lens in Portrait mode, rather than returning to the normal lens (iOS 15).
  • Apple ProRAW: maintains ProRAW in operation (iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max)
  • Live Photo: maintains the setting of your Live Photo.

You can return to these settings and change them whenever you like. You may change your mind always, if you want your camera to be opened again in photo mode, or if you want filters to be reset every time.