How can I control each application’s audio volume on your Mac individually

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Photo: Pit Stock (Shutterstock) – macOS doesn’t have an integrated tool for adjusting the volume output for individual applications—but a workaround exists.

You may be excellent not to wish to constantly interrupt notification noises in your messaging applications when you try to listen to audio using your MacBook – whether you play Spotify when working or eating the video project. Unfortunately macOS does not offer an included application to control the level of the alert for specific apps as opposed to Windows.

You must rely on third party applications to get the task done if your messages or Slack volume is set at 20 percent and music is set at 60 percent. Two amazing ones we found.

BackgroundMusic: a free app for you to individually control app loudness

BackgroundMusic is a free macOS app that lets you assign different volume levels for each app.
Screenshot: Pranay Parab

BackgroundMusic is a free application, which allows you to specify different level volumes for each macOS app. It sets an icon to indicate volume levels for several applications that can be quickly modified with the use of a slider when clicked.

While BackgroundMusic works well, its interface is not the ideal, especially on tiny screens. Not everybody has an iMac 27,” and it’s a little clenched among us with 13″ MacBooks. There is one problem: I can see 13 applications on my PC list, including several picture editing and type apps that do not send notifications or play music. The ability to pin favorite applications is lost, and you may navigate through a nonsensically lengthy list to get the application you need by clicking the More apps option.

However, BackgroundMusic is free to experience such tiny disturbances easily. BackgroundMusic may be downloaded from GitHub (Big Sur compatible version and older versions are available separately).

SoundSource: the finest application for sophisticated Mac audio controls

SoundSource lets you assign different volume levels for each Mac app, and it lets you redirect audio to different devices too.
Screenshot: Pranay Parab

Rogue Amoeba is one of the greatest companies for the production of macOS audio programs, and SoundSource is one of its most prominent applications. This not only enables you to adjust each app’s volume levels, it also allows you to divert sound from each app to other devices. You may instruct the program to play music or spotify noises solely with your headset, while Zoom audio is routed through default to the built-in speakers on your Mac. You may change these choices to the content of your heart and even pin applications that often go to the top of the list.

SoundSource provides more sophisticated capabilities, like the ability to create sound effects or to implement app-by-app equalizing settings. Every time you start SoundSource, the free version allows you to test every functionality for 20 minutes and then the resultant audio quality is “degraded” (this is what the creator says, anyhow). If you enjoy what you can do to cash up, you can get the complete app for $39.