How can your big earbuds be cleaned

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Photo: Apple / Samsung / Google – Get rid of the dirt and give your ears a clean AirPods pair.

Your wireless earbuds undoubtedly spend a lot of time inside your ears, and there’s no disrespect, but the nicest place to be is not always your ears. You can practice excellent hygiene, retain your earphones longer, and protect anybody else from grossing, by keeping them routinely clean.

We focus on AirPods, Galaxy Buds and Pixel Buds here because they’re 3 of the most popular ones and since they all have official instructions for cleanliness provided by Apple, Samsung and Google. If you have different wireless earphones, there should be a lot of the same approaches and directions.

Cleaning Your AirPods

Image: Apple

The recommended cleanup tip from Apple is to avoid water running on your AirPods (and AirPods Pro). Use a cloth, rather than a soft dry, lint-free cloth, which is gently moistened by fresh water, thus ensuring that none of the humidity stands. Before recharging your AirPods, make sure they are fully dry.

You may use 70% isopropyl spirits, 75% ethyl alcohol cleaning wipes or Clorox wipes to clean your Apple spirits. Wash carefully with the bluefin or hydrogen peroxide to avoid the speaker meshes. Keep your moisture from the AirPods’ apertures to a minimum and far away.

A dry cotton swab, according to Apple, is the ideal instrument in the field for the cleaning of the microphone and speaker mesh. When it is about the ear tips, they may be washed with water once they are removed from AirPods, but avoid soap and home cleaning and dry them straight away.

In the case of your AirPods, the soft, dry, lint-free towel we suggested earlier is the ideal one. If you wish, you may slightly wet it with isopropyl alcohol, but do not let any moisture into the charging ports since they might get rusted. On the Lightning connector port you may use a clean, dry, soft-broken brush to ensure that your case is dry before the AirPods are put in again.

Cleaning Your Galaxy Buds

Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s instructions is quite detailed to keep your Galaxy Buds clean. As with Airpods, Samsung recommends wiping charging contacts with a clean, soft tissue on your earphones anytime sweats or any other liquid on them – it may lead to corrosion if moisture builds on the charging touches.

Samsung manufactures several Galaxy Buds, but they are more or less cleaned in the same way. The disassembly comes first: Take off the tip of the earbud by sliding it slowly, not by force. If you have a set of Galaxy Buds Live earphones, you have to remove the sprockets (the little rubber bands around the charging contacts).

Then you must proceed slowly and carefully to take away every waste, earwax, oil and other filth via your earbuds and tips (or wingtips) using a cotton swab and dry brush. Samsung warns that the usage of the bristles might cause harm, whether metal or wire brushes. You should also clean them if your earphones contain air pipes.

You may clean the inside portions of earbud tips by using a soft and dry towels and once again you need to be systematic and soft—the goal is to purify what’s within, not to add anything to it. Do not forget the loading case and contacts of the loading case. Finally, you may reassemble and continue to listen to your newly cleaned Galaxy Buds.

Cleaning up your Pixel Buds

Image: Google

Google provides some official suggestions to clean your Pixel Buds (or Pixel Buds A) for the day you bought them. They look so cool and clean. You should not put the orebuds in liquid or hold them under running water when they are water and perspiration resistant, because this may harm the hardware. Also, chemicals such as alcohol or benzene, powder and other chemical compounds should be avoided.

Google advises instead the cleaning of earphones and recharge case using gentle, dry and lint-free clothes. You can humidify the cloth or use a little moistcotton swab in scuffs and built-up dirt, but it is crucial that not too much water is used, especially around the earbuds’ apertures.

Google offers another instrument to deal with the microphone holes or speaker vents. It is a soft-screwed toothbrush. Move your bristles in and out and don’t just scatter the stuff about. However, you’re drawing the material out of the hole.

Before you put your earphones back in the charge case, ensure sure everything is completely dried out again. With the Google Pixel Buds, you can view a brief movie to ensure it’s correct.