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John McAfee during an interview with Agence France-Presse while anchored on his (heavily armed) yacht at the Marina Hemingway in Havana, Cuba, in June 2019.
Photo: Adalberto Roque / AFP (Getty Images) – Actually, John McAfee isn’t alive, but rather dead. However, you already know…

The late John McAfee was a lot: a rumored rapist, murderer and speed defender, who has somehow escaped prosecution, but also a libertarian crypto-currency shark facing a complaint from the Exchange and Securities Commission and, of course, the security company’s founder who bore his name. He is secretly alive now, the Daily Beast reports, in the minds of QAnon’s conspirators anyway.

On 23 June, Mr McAfee died of suicide in a Spanish prisons waiting for tax charges for extradition to the United States. But McAfee had insisted before that his followers know that he was murdered by unknown nefarious parties should be found dead from the suicide.

He even had a $WHACKD arm tattoo that indicated that a hetman would have died. It’s not a big jump from the fact that Agent 47 hunted McAfee to think he was slip the noose somehow by faking his own death. One can say that, according to the Daily Beast, his last gift to the public is that of conspiracy theory which has more than 130,000 people flooding Telegram rooms which proclaim the great news of McAfee’s survival.

McAfee’s Instagram was run by other people while in prison, and a “Q,” a picture, appeared shortly after he went to the big file in the sky. (QAnon, the GOP’s future, is a vast, loose-organised network of crackpots, antisemites, and fascists, who think Donald Trump is fighting secretly against the Democratic pedophiles’ cabal in the Underworld style.

Many QAnon supporters have committed crimes or violence, including murder, during the deadly pro-Trump riots in the Capitol on January 6.) The account was subsequently deleted but three reports on the Daily Beast message app have since been replaced by “pushing supporters of a QANON-like ride, giving a countdown time to revelations that—shockingly—neither materialize.” The message app Telegram Daily Beost writes.

It’s not like this is a surprising development somehow. QAnon wakos like to theorize that several historical deaths, especially late John F. Kennedy Jr., were actually falsified, who many think still lives as Trump’s fan named Fusca.. McAfee was a well-recorded Internet troll and he certainly hoped that rumors of his death would linger long after he really left this deadly coil, so he did.

One account titled: “This is why I am still alive: I would describe myself as quite sain and lucide. Started on July 20th, John McAfee, has over 125,000 supporters. Two others are much smaller, but seemingly squashed off their hammer. Evidence that has been posted for its veracity, according to the Daily Beast include personal documents belonging to McAffee, such as a scan of his gun license, which have all been leaked previously, are readily accessible online, even from a group of documentary filmmakers seeking to sell them as non-flammable tokens.

The Telegram channel also has links to a Youtube account of a drone image of the notorious private island of pedophile millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, which was previously run without proof by McAfee by conspiracy theorists. The Daily Beast writes that some supporters of the channel have tried to decode distressed portions of his other message to ask each other if they could access the “dark web” for additional information.

While former McAfee’s lawyer Andrew Gordon confirmed that McAfee had died of the daily beast, this account shows just how much he could not trust.

Some other major conspiracy accounts have at least called out the fake McAffee accounts, perhaps sensing uninviting competition for steering revenues. “The John McAfee TV account [sic] didn’t announce anything at the end of the countdown, said Ron Watkins, the former eightch administrator who has rums that he was behind QAnon’s movement. “

None of the 31 terabytes alleged to have materialized deadman switch data. Now his account posts drops in the Q-style and signs them as McAfee. Pay attention.” Watkins distanced himself from QAnon frenziedly and tried, as a upologist, to rebrand himself.

The QAnon movement has been down and disheartened but far from outside after Trump failed to launch a coup either immediately following the November 2020 elections or before the start of Joe Biden in January.

In June, the FBI alerted Congressmen that the remaining members of the movement were more extreme than ever and could wear the tired power of being “digital soldiers” rather than “continually waiting for Q’s promising actions that did not happen.” According to NBC News, the focus on local races such as school boards and city councils is now on QAnon followers who have seen members of the movement largely fail to win elections by the 2020 competition.

Several of QAnon’s major stories have tried to put away the label’s luggage by insisting on the media’s Quantum Movement, publicly repudiating any connection to the movement without changing its rhetoric.