How to Stop Autoplaying Videos All over the Internet

by - – Get rid of the annoying social media and random website autoplay videos.

Autoplay videos are annoying, universally speaking. You can suck you on social media, and you spent an hour scrolling around the videos for the next thing you know. They get in the way of websites, follow you around the site and cover the text.

Fortunately, everywhere there are ways to deactivate autoplaying videos. Social media apps offer methods for deactivating them, and you will also find options built into many popular browsers (and if not, an extension to help you find it is always available).

How to deactivate social media video autoplay

You can probably retrieve lost time by deactivating videos by spending hours scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram everyday.

Disable Facebook autoplay of videos

Open your iPhone or Android smartphone’s application and tap the Menu tab (IOS in the right-hand corner, Android in the top-right). Select the option “Videos and photos” to navigate through Settings & Privacy > Settings. In the section “Media and controls”.

Select the ‘Never Autoplay Videos’ to block all videos from autoplaying.

You can deactivate them on the website of Facebook. Click the top right-hand down button to go to Settings and Privacy > Settings. > Settings Go to the sidebar “Videos” and select the “Off” option from the “Auto-play videos” section.

Unable Twitter Autoplay Videos

Twitter has various options on the Website and in its mobiles to disable autoplay videos. Tap the three-line Menu button on your smartphone or Android to open the sidebar and go to the “Privacy and Settings” option. Go to Data Usage > Autoplay Video, then switch to the Never option.

You can select the “Settings and privacy” option by clicking on the 3-pointed More button in your sidebar on the website. Go to Accessibility > Data Usage > Autoplay and set it to ‘Never,’ here.

Disable Instagram autoplay of videos

Instagram is really ready and there is no way to disable autoplay videos in the app. Your best bet is to use the Instagram website where videos will not autoplay default.

However, in mobile applications, low data mode allows for the effective disability of autoplay videos. Go to your Profile and tap the Menu button at the top right. Go to Settings > Account > Use mobile data.

Enable “Use less data” to use the iPhone option if you are using an iPhone. Turn on “Data saver” and then choose “High Resolution Media” option for your Android smartphone.

How to deactivate the autoplay of videos in a desktop

You would like to stop playing videos for all your websites? You can attempt to disable browser-level media playlists. Your miles may vary depending on your browser (Chrome, for example doesn’t offer that function), which means that you can rely on an extension When it comes to effectiveness (more of that in a minute).

Deactivate Microsoft Edge autoplaying videos

Click the three-dotted menu in the toolbar in Microsoft Edge and select the ‘Settings’ option. Go to the “Cookies and Site Allowances” in the left sidebar and swipe to the “Limit” option under the “Media Autoplayer” section.

This is unfortunately not a kill switch for all videos, but in future the browser will limit autoplaying videos on a given site on the basis of previous interactions with media that play automatically.

Disable Firefox autoplay of videos

Firefox has a great feature to block autoplay videos on all websites (and you can whitelist some sites, like Lifehacker, if you choose to).

Click on the Menu three-line button and go to “Settings” in the toolbar. Click on the “Settings” button near the Autoplay” option in the “Privacy & Security” section. Click on the “Standard for All Web sites” feature and switch to the “Standard Audio and Video Block” option in the pop-up option.

Deactivate autoplaying Safari videos

Safari is so good with autoplay videos blocking (and about privacy features in general). It actually blocks videos by default so that you have nothing to do.

If the feature is disabled for some reason, reactivate it through Safari > Menu bar preference. Change to the “Website” tab, and in the sidebar select ‘Auto-Play.’ Select “Never Auto-Play” option from the bottom right-hand down.

How to disable videos from autoplaying using a browser extension

Built-in autoplay blockers don’t always work, and you don’t even get the option if you are using Chrome. You can try a third-party extension such as AutoplayStopper in times of this nature. It works for Chrome and Edge, and blocks videos on all websites (including news websites).