How to check how much life is left of your iPhone battery?

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Photo: Kicking Studio (Shutterstock) – You can see how often you have charged your device.

In the past Apple has been on fire for a number of battery problems and there are indeed few contemporary drawbacks that are more annoying than feeling as though you can’t use your phone more than a few minutes without plugging it in and charging it. It is useful also to know where the capacity and performance of your iPhone battery lies.

According to Apple, lithium-ion batteries are designed to operate in around 500 complete charging cycles at a capacity of up to 80% on your devices. As the capacity of the battery decreases, before you have to add it, you will get less time to use. Naturally the batteries degrade over time, and surely do not work 100% long (and may never do so after you start using your device).

We discussed how to check the battery life of your iPhone that can be readily visible in Settings > Battery > Health of Battery. This shows you the current capacity of your battery when new and offers you the option to maximize battery capacity.

You may also want to know how many times you have charged your phone, since this can also give you an idea of the lifespan of your battery. If you have over 500 charges, declines in performance may be more meaningful. This can be done in a simple way, and is also found in the settings of your device (ZDNet h/T).

How to view the loading history of your iPhone

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements.
  • iPhone Analytics Share Toggle (or Share iPhone and Watch Analytics if you have an Apple Watch). This should be enabled by default, but if not, you must wait a few days before you can compile the data.
  • Type “log-aggregated” in the analysis data and scroll into the data starting with the latest available date.
  • You look from here at the “battery cycle count” wall of code—you can either scroll (a lot of data to sort) or copy and paste your report text into a text editor or a document you can manually look for. The number under this entry tells you how many battery charge cycles have passed.
Screenshot: Emily Long

Be noticed that your battery is not dead and you have to replace it above 500. Actually, my log shows a total of 517 load cycles and my maximum capacity is still 88%.

It’s also useful to know that you won’t have to leave your battery dead and charged completely after a charge cycle from zero to 100 all at once. When 100% of your capacity is released, a charge cycle is counted, even if you savor it.