You will lose everything from Windows 10 when you upgrade to Windows 11

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Image: Microsoft – Windows 11 has a great deal to offer, but there are some features.

Windows 11 is on the way and brings a new look, new colors and new characteristics when it comes to later this year’s availability. But not all of the upgrades currently in Windows 10 will survive.

Expect some added and subtracted features to be added to the public rollout of Windows 11, but here’s all that we know will get lost along the way so far.

Internet Explorer

What is that? What is that? Do you think it was already killed? In reality, if you dig deep enough in Windows 10, all traces of Internet Explorer will be removed in Windows 11 and replaced by Microsoft Edge. You still need to access for any reason the IE mode in Edge for those truly old-fashioned apps and sites.


You may never have used Timeline, which might be one of the reasons why Windows 11 arrived. This feature allows you to synchronize your business over the past 30 days (files you opened and websites visited, etc.) across multiple Windows computers, making it easier to jump across Microsoft’s logged-in devices with the same account.

Timeline won’t make the jump to Windows 11.
Screenshot: Windows 10

Live Tiles

The Live Tiles function on the Windows 10 Start menu did not really be adopted in developers who are able to display and actualize various information snippets in real time. If you think that sounds a lot like widgets, you’d be right. But Microsoft will try to bring back Windows 11 desktop widgets, so hopefully they work better than Live Tiles.

Groups of Start Menu

The ability of users to group tiles together and name them: productivity, writing, games or anything, is another feature pulled in the Start Menu. The layout of the Start menu will not also be resized, so Microsoft is like making the Start menu experience the same for all (as well as move it into the center of the screen).

There’s no more tile grouping and naming on the Start menu in Windows 11.
Screenshot: Windows 10

Quick Status

In Windows 10, applications can leave a few information blocks on the lock screen to remind them of incoming emails, future time schedules, etc. This feature, known as “Quick Status,” is not available to programs on Windows 11, although widgets may take up some of the slack.

Location of the taskbar

The taskbar can only be at one place in windows 11, when it comes to customization cutouts, at the bottom of the screen. You may never have realized this, but in Windows 10 you can put the working bar to the left, right, and even at the top. If you want to make these kinds of tweaks in your OS, you’ll have no chance.

If you’ve never noticed, you can reposition the taskbar in Windows 10.
Screenshot: Windows 10

Mode of the tablet

Windows 10 is actually working properly on both tablets such as Surface Pro and full-screen or laptop computers, but Windows 11 won’t include a tablet device dedicated mode. This feature is instead reconfigured and some of it occurs automatically (like when you attach or detach a Bluetooth keyboard, for example).


The digital assistant of Microsoft isn’t completely pulled out from Windows 11 but is gone and won’t be stuck in the taskbar anymore. It’s not clear what Microsoft has planned for Cortana, but it could reposition itself as a business tool based on the features that have been added over the past year or so.

Cortana will be less front and center in Windows 11.
Screenshot: Windows 10

Mode of Windows S

This is another feature that doesn’t go away completely, but less of it you’ll see: S Mode, which only allows applications from the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 Home edition to be installed in order to increase performance and security. Currently you can get S mode enabled with Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.


In Windows 11 Skype will still be available, but it will not be included as an integrated component on a new and updated OS just as Windows 10 does. This is because Microsoft now concentrates on teams to meet every communication requirement, including the video, and is ready to integrate many close teams into Windows 11.