Launch of the Huawei P50: Watching and expecting

by - – Huawei has announced that on 29 July it is going to present its next “flagship products” and it’s generally expected that the Huawei P50 series can finally be launched.

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Huawei was expected to announce its new phone line in spring, as usual, but it was a bit different this year.. The manufacturer confirmed it is delayed, but the phone would be released as soon as possible,

When’s the start?

Huawei confirmed that on 29 July 2021 its next flagship products are launched, with Huawei P50 smartphones commonly thought to include. The time is 19:30 on the Chinese website; the global times are as follows:

  • San Francisco – 04:40
  • New York – 07:30
  • London – 12:30
  • Berlin – 13:30
  • New Delhi – 17:00
  • Tokyo – 20:30
  • Sydney – 21:30

How can I look at it?

The launch event on YouTube on the Huawei Mobile channel is expected. You will also be able to see it on the consumer site of Huawei: Both of these locations are listed at the event announcement, but no evidence of the livelihood has yet been seen.

Huawei has not also widely published the event, we suspect it is focused on China, where Weibo is widely mentioned. If we find the livestream, then we’re going to update it and host them here so you can see it.

What are we hoping for?

Just, series Huawei P50. In the first six months of 2021, there were a number of leaks, so that is no longer exactly a secret. Actually, Huawei has kissed the phone himself.

We currently expect the series to feature the flagship processors, the cameras of Leica and the OLED displays of the Huawei P50 and P50 Pro.

Since it first appeared, a lot has been said about the camera design. It looks like Huawei has an exceptional design, featuring two outstanding discs in the back of the telephone that are split multiple lenses.

You can read our dedicated feature for more information about what we know about the P50 and P50 Pro.