Google is working on the new ‘Switch to Android’ application for copying data by iPhone users?

by - – Evidence suggests Google is working on a new app to transfer its data to an Android phone and new method for iPhone users. The term ‘Switch to Android’ is rather predictable.

In theory, it will enable Apple iOS users to copy their apps, SMS, contacts, media and other data to their new Android device across their iPhone. And it’s done wirelessly through the sounds of it.

9to5Google uncovered the details and pulled out an APK and found mention of the app and some suggestions about how it works.

Contrary to the current transfer method that is integrated into pixel phones as part of the configuration process, it appears to be a Play Store and the iOS App Store downloadable app.

In addition, it looks like it works with Wi-Fi, like Clone Phone Apps like Huawei and Oppo.

You download Clone Phone apps on your old Android phone – for example Oppo’s Clone Phone – and you scan a QR code with a camera to tell the phone to connect to the device as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

You select what items you want to copy when connected. This includes all from SMS messages to photos, video, music and schedule events. Confirm then, and all wireless transfers.

The only difference is that these apps typically do not work for iPhone users and are producer-specific.

The closest to Samsung is the Smart Switch app, which allows you to copy everything from your iPhone to a new Samsung device in near enough detail.

With more and more people buying phones from companies like Xiaomi, a service that makes it possible for Google to transferr between iPhone and Android is no longer specific. It makes sense for Google to deliver to the App Store.