Avoid unnecessary distractions in iOS 15 with ‘Summary of notification’

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Photo: Khamosh Pathak

techno.rentetan.com – Creates notification digests for applications that do not need your attention immediately.

Every year, Apple adds new features to the operating iPhone and iPad systems in order to improve the management of notifications. No other is iOS 15. This time around Apple has Quietly deleted the old delivery feature and replenished it with a message resume that allows you to control your handset even more carefully.

Please consider it as a digest of notice: You will receive a single notification each morning or evening, or any time in the meantime, listing all the notices from the applications you have added to the summary feature.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

It is an excellent way to silence your notification and to view it, though it is delayed and repackaged, so that your important notifications are not hindered.

Open your iPhone or iPad’s “settings” app (you need to run iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, which is currently in public beta). Go to Notifications > Summary Scheduled and enable “Summary Scheduled” feature.

For morning and night you can keep to the default times, or you can tap the time to change when your Summary is provided. You can also provide extra summaries at various times of day by clicking on the “Add Summary” button.

You can allow applications to send notifications directly to the notification summary via the “Apps in summary” option.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

Once these apps are added, each time you enter a new notification you do not have a notification sound or vibration.

You can also rapidly add an application from the Notification Center itself to the Notification Summary: Swipe to the left of the notice, tap “Options,” and select “Add to Summary.”

The next time a briefing is due, a large notification summary section will appear on your iPhone at the head of the notification list. Tap the expanded box and see the summary of all notifications.

If you would later like to remove an application from the summary, tap the Options button and pull the “Deliver immediately” option on your notification in the Summary Notification.