Might track the VR workouts with Apple Health

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Snorlax is interested in VR fitness gaming on the Oculus Quest 2.
Photo: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo

techno.rentetan.com – The Oculus iOS app points to the high priority of fitness.

The social Media giant is supposed to consider allowing Oculus users to sync their workout data with Apple Health, according to Bloomberg, although both Facebook and Apple were not in the best of condition late.

The news is available with code snippets in the Oculus iPhone app. These features are fairly basic – users can integrate the health app with data such as calories. Oculus users can also view the training data that has been saved on the Oculus headset to the Health App. Overall, it sounds like your normal integration of the health app.

The rumor also sweeps nicely into the past months with several rumors swept from Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated last month that he planned ‘fitness subscriptions of the Peloton’ for the future virtual reality. The company is also supposed to be working on an intelligent watch, to be launched in 2022. The smartwatch is a way to connect Facebook to different fitness platforms like Strava and Peloton without Google, while there are little details. By the end of 2020, Facebook announced that it would add to its Oclus Quest devices Oculus Move – a kind of fitness tracking software.

In 2020, fitness at home had a moment. Pandemic locks resulted in months of shuttering and co-operative atmospheric gyms and fitness games. Games such as Nintendo Ring Switch Adventure were not available at the start of 2020, while titles such as Oculus such as Beat Sabre and Supernatural were also highlighted as key examples of this class. In the next few years, the market for fitness gaming is projected to grow by around 33 per cent, to $59 billion by 2027.

Facebook can also easily attract iPhone users on its platform to integrate with the health application. The Health app is one of the easiest ways to combine health and workout information in one place—and the vast majority of iOS fitness applications allow users either to import or export their personal information to the platform. You might also open the door to further integration with Apple Watch, as fitness-gaming workouts on the device can now be recorded and workouts native to the wrist can be synchronized with health and physical apps.

Having said this, hidden code in apps does not always ensure a feature happens. (It is, however, occasionally.) It indicates, however, that it is a Facebook feature that is at least exploring internally. In all events, the interest of Facebook in fitness and health would appear to have increased – and the valuable information produced by it. Whether this is a good thing or not, well, we talk about Facebook.