The Newest Phone of Nokia is ‘life-proof’

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Image: Nokia/HMD – The $550 XR20 can stand extremely high times and drops up to 6 feet without any case. without a case.

HMD Global announced earlier this year that the Nokia parent company was revamping the telephone, now that the company officially announced that Nokia’s first X series is coming into the United States next month.

The $550 XR20, which will be launched on the 24th of August, is Nokia’s most affordable phone update. Nokia claims that the XR20 is a company’s first ‘life-safe’ phone, featuring strong specs and potentially better durability than other mid-range handsets.

Image: Nokia/HMD

Last week, HMD/Nokia dropped a teaser on Twitter that says the XR20 is an effort to meet Nokia’s legendary long-term durability.

The XR20 features a Corning Gorilla Victus Glass screen which is claimed to resist scratches four times more than a normal smartphone display and an HMD body can withstand drops of up to six feet without the need for a case.

In addition, HMD claims that XR20 has been tested to work up to 131 degrees or -4 degrees in time, with water resistance that can stand up to 5 feet of water for an hour. Nokia/HMD tested to prove how tough this XR20 to kick, punt and flip the phone across various surfaces and conditions by phoning the famous soccer players, Roberto Carlos and Lisa Zimouche.

Image: Nokia/HMD

A Snapdragon 480 5G chip with 6GB of RAM and 128gbs of storage and integrated microSD card slot, provides the XR 20 with 6.67-inch 2400 x 1080 Display. For the cameras, you get an 8MP hole-stunch selfie cam in front of you and a 48MP main cam in front of you. Some OZO space audio and sound cancelation technology is also supported by the XR20. The XR20.

The XR20 also features a charging USB-C port and a 3.5 mm Wired Audio Jack plus a 15watt wireless Qi charging system and a 4.630 mAh battery, like every budget and medium-range phone. HMD says the XR20 is going to get a full four years monthly security patch along with up to three years in software upgrades, which might end up being the under-rated upgrade.

Image: Nokia/HMD

The XR20 is not nearly as flashy or innovative as some of Nokia’s most premium telephones in recent years, but it’s nice to see Nokia/HMD try and come back to their roots with a very simple and well designed phone.

When it arrives next month, the Nokia XR20 is in two colors (Ultra Blue and Gray Granite).