How to restore your data at your PlayStation 5

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Photo : Mr.Mikla (Shutterstock) – Back up valuable files, screenshots and more from your PS5 in the event of a crash.

Saving your PC, smartphone and other devices makes sure that, in cases of a crisis, sudden power failure or a complete hardware failure, you can recover your data – but not many consider making the same thing for their game consols. Fortunately, the PlayStation 5 makes it easily accessible and PlayStation Plus subscribers can safely copy their saved game data to the cloud for backup files to an external USB device.

Note that it is not like extending the PS5 storage on an external drive to back up your data in this way. The Backup and Restore features help you to unload data that are currently not available on your PS5 and to retrieve it when a crash or data corrupt is occurring. Whereas they do not achieve similar results technically.

Extending the storage of your PS5, on the other hand, enables you to install games from your hard disk, and play games, on some occasions, on them. We will discuss how to extend the available storage to your PS5 in a single post, but let us now cover how your PS5 data can be backed up.

Backup and restoration of PS5 data on an external USB hard disk

The backup and restoration function of PS5 works with numerous USB devices, but before starting the backup process, you will want to make sure you have enough empty space on your external drive.

  1. Go to Settings > System > Restore and Back Up.
  2. Choose ‘Back Up Your PS5.’
  3. Connect the PS5 with a USB cable from your hard drive.
  4. Choose which data you want to back up. The lower right-hand bar indicates how much space the selected data is on the external drive.
  5. To start a process, select ‘Next,’ then ‘Back up’ and wait for copying of the data. Don’t move, disconnect, or power your PS5 or USB drive while the transfer is active in order to avoid data corruption.

You can now disconnect your USB device with your data backed up. In case you need to restore data from the USB drive you will safely store it. If you ever need to do so, here is how to backup:

  1. Connect your PS5 to the USB backup disk and activate the console.
  2. Go to Settings > System > Backup and Restore from the PS5 home screen.
  3. Choose “Restore PS5.”
  4. Select the data from your PS5 drive that you want copied, then follow the prompts on the screen to start the transfer.
  5. Wait for copying files. Again, when the transfer is active, do not deactivate or turn off your PS5 or USB drive.

How to save PS5 Cloud data

While USB backups allow you to physically restore all your data from PS5, PS Plus users are also able to back-up their game to the cloud. This means that an active PS Plus subscription is required and automatic updates on your PS5 can be activated but when the feature is enabled, your console automatically saves your savings. So it functions here:

  1. Go to Settings > System > Saving Power > Features available in Rest Mode on your PS5 and activate “stay connected to the Internet.”
  2. Next, browse Settings > Saved Data and Settings for game/app.
  3. Select PS5 Games > Sync Saved Data and turn “Auto-Sync Saved Data” to allow cloud backups for PS5 games.
  4. To allow PS4 installed PS5 cloud-save backups, select “PS4 Games” and switch on “Auto-Upload.”

Once options have been activated, PS5 saves data automatically synchronizing between your cloud and console so that the latest backup data can always be found in both locations. However, PS4 data needs to be downloaded from the game launch page manually to your console.