You can’t get on other Android devices for 7 cool pixels

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Photo: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo – There are more exclusive pixel phones than you could have.

The Google Pixel Phones series did not really capture the idea or attract the sales like its big-name Android competitors, but Google did present Android features first in its lineup of pixels. Some of the most important pixel exclusives make buying one more enticing — in addition to the obvious advantage of access to new Android software in advance of anyone else.

Screenshot: Android

1. Google Assistant Screen your calls

The Call Screening Pixel feature leverages the intelligence of the Google Wizard that responds, if you want, to incoming calling. When a call is screened, the caller hears a Google Assistant prompt asking who is calling and why. That is then transmitted in a transcript if the caller is not hanging up.

Tap three dots in the top-right corner of the Google Phone application, and pick Setting and Spam and Calling Screen to enable the feature. The caller and Spam ID must be turned on and you can then tap Call Screen to further configure the functionality. Only the U.S., Canada, and Japan received the feature when it was written.

Screenshot: Android

2. Get suggestions for applications

You can pick some of the apps for you if you can’t decide exactly which apps should be placed on your home screen. Press a blank area on your home panel and select Home Settings & Proposals and allow Home Suggestions (you can also get suggestions in the main apps drawer too, if you want).

The suggestions appear in the lower sequence of the home screen above the search box, although you can drag the icon down to replace one or several of the slots with a static shortcut. Google says the suggestions “based on your recently used apps, apps and routines,” so you can see what you see.

Screenshot: Android

3. Activate driving mode automatically

The ability to automatically slip in Don’t Disturb or Android Auto Driving Mode if you detect your phone is moved is another pixel that does not include other Android handsets. The Pixel 3 works and later (on the Pixel 2, Do Not Disturb is the only option). It isn’t an enormous feature, but nonetheless it is quite convenient.

For a Pixel 3 and later, select connected devices, connection preferences, drive mode and tap Comportement from your Settings (the options you see after that depend on your phone and your car). Select sound, do not disturb and switch on automatically in the pixel 2, from the main Android settings screen, and choose RULE and choose Drive.

Screenshot: Android

4. Google Photos Edit the Sky

The ability to change the sky in your photos is one of the neat editing tricks offered by Google Photos, but not everyone is given access to all features. It’s not a pixel exclusive, strictly speaking, but it’s a kind of one. To have access to these sky filters in Google Photos, you need either a Pixel phone or an active Google One subscription on a non-pixel device.

Tap Adjust then Sky for your choice with an image opened in Google Photos. For instance, radiant makes the colors much brighter, while Ember gives a warmer glow. The remaining image has also been modified to better reflect the sky style you chose, and with the dial at the bottom of the dial you could tweak the force of the effect.

Screenshot: Android

5. Take the Night Sky Time Lapses

Pixel telephones also have other nice features for photography. Once you detect the conditions you have, the Google Camera offers you extreme night sight mode designed for the shooting of the night sky, which makes the on-line AI processing useful. A new option for time lapse was added in June 2021 to allow pixel owners to produce their own star films.

If you need a Pixel 4 or later to do it, you will see an enable time-lapse option in the Advanced section of the Google Camera app settings if your phone supported the feature – tap the flew and the cog icon from the shutter screen to find it. You can capture a short clip and also a still image if the conditions are right.

Screenshot: Android

6. Any music, any time Identify

The pixels come equipped with a Now Play feature that works like a Shazam clone always listening. In other words, you don’t want to quickly grab a telephone, start an app and enable listening mode if you want to know what a particular track is. The song and artist will be shown most of the time on your Pixel lock screen.

Open and then choose Sound and Vibration, Advertise and Play Now to customize how play Now works. If you have song IDs on your log screen and dig into now playing history, you can also choose whether or not they show up—a list of all the tunes your pixel phone has recently collected background.

Screenshot: Android

7. Real Time Submission Videos

Google has promised to “select” Android phones that are not a pixel, but now it takes pixel 2 or later to enable it. When you open your Android device’s major settings page, then choosing Sound and vibration, the option Live Caption can be viewed – type it to activate the feature and set its different settings.

In essence, Live Caption provides any video or audio playback on your device in real time, which is very useful to people with listening problems, or if the volume is in a calm place. You can even order labels like laughter, applause and music, and AI is very impressive from our experience (albeit not flawless, yet).