How to monitor Apple Watch blood oxygen

by - – The Apple Watch Series 6 comes with pulse oximeters that allow you to measure the proportion of oxygen transported from your lungs by red blood cells to the rest of the body in an invasive way, thus giving an overall health indication.

It is often called blood oxygen levels or SpO2 levels, and typical levels of blood oxygen range from 95% to 100% for the majority, but not all.

You can read more about how blood oxygen monitoring works in our own function, but you are in the right place when using Apple Watch Series 6, and if you want to know how to obtain an instant blood oxygen level measurement, how to configure it and how to find the previous readings.

How to monitor Apple Watch blood oxygen level

You will need to ensure you are over 18, you have the Apple Watch Series 6 and you have an iPhone 6S or later in a compatible country (see the base of this feature).

You must also ensure that you have the Blood Oxygen application set up – if you have not yet set it, you can read the section below. This is a feature.

Follow these steps to make the blood oxygen measurement if you check all requirements above:

  1. Make sure your Apple Watch’s wrist is snug
  2. To open the app list or view the Digital Crown
  3. Open the app for Blood oxygen (red and blue circle)
  4. Put your arm, or your lap, on a table and be sure that you stay quiet and your face is lifted.
  5. Start Tap
  6. Still for fifteen seconds
  7. After 15 seconds, your results appear on display
  8. Tap Done

Where to find your measurements of blood oxygen on Apple Watch

All measurements of blood oxygen made in Apple Watch Series 6 are available on iPhone in the Medical App on request on the background measurements.

Follow the following steps to find blood oxygen measurements:

  1. Open the iPhone Health App
  2. Tap on the tab Browse
  3. Tap Respiratory
  4. Blood Oxygen tap
  5. Tap Show additional Blood Oxygen Data

How to install Apple Watch Blood Oxygen

These steps help you to set-up if you haven’t been using a blood oxygen sensor on your Apple Watch yet. In the following setup instructions, the Blood Oxygen app is installed. You can find it in your Apple Watch’s App Store if you accidentally delete it.

  1. Open your iPhone health app
  2. Tap the tab Navigate tab
  3. Tap Respiratory
  4. Tap Blood Oxygen
  5. Tap Blood Oxygen Setup
  6. Follow the directions

Where is the app available for blood oxygen?

Only in certain countries and regions is the Blood Oxygen app available. On the Apple website, you can find the complete list of countries here.